Trading Bitcoin w/ Willy Woo – Feels Like a BTC Breakout is Almost Here

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  1. Bitcoin has undergone a massive rally over the past two weeks. From the lows set after the news broke regarding OKEx, the leading cryptocurrency has surged higher by almost 25%, currently trading at the $13,700 region. Despite this rapid move to the upside the true Bitcoin breakout has not yet taken place. That’s to say, Bitcoin could soon see even more explosive movement. Now's the time to accumulate and stack up more coins so as to fully exploit and take advantage of the upcoming bull run. I trade daily to increase my holdings and I have been able to amass 18 btc in my portfolio through the help of vicente sanz trade signals.

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  2. David Parker

    Bitcoin takes the lead and stand the chance to benefit those who invest on with mostly with the help of an expert and well experienced account trading manager such as mr anold smith who has been helping me earns upto $24,000 within short term of trading

  3. smiles formiles

    Tone says its going to 1300

  4. BTC is currently much too expensive! In addition, the BTC-Chart has run hot! Such news from Paypal are not useful, especially since it starts in 2021 anyway and then only for America! So wait and see before you build up positions in the BTC! Wait for the current unsettled times (danger of another lockdown, US presidential election, renewed brexite negotiations, open economic package US, high volatility in markets, general uncertainty in the population)!
    So this one is still waiting with an entry! It will be better after the US presidential election! And weeks after! Bitcoin for 13000 USD is much too expensive at the moment! BTC was already at 3800 USD this year and we will see such prices again!!!

  5. Good show, always interesting when Willy gives his view! Should get him more often on your show 👍👍

  6. Willy Woo is one of the best ever to do it. Never get tired of that guy 👍

  7. Love Willy Woo analysis

  8. Ipkiss Stone

    Absolutely time for a Tone Vays counter trade.

  9. StotheEtotheB

    Good content tone, please do a monthly bitcoin price show with willy (if he is willing). This would really add value for all of us. Have a nice one and stay safe.

  10. Lol at Willy Woo shilling yield farming. Yikes!

  11. Josh Dillmore

    💪 try Revain😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. 41:00 Willy, what about Link, personally I think its a shitcoin but it is not acting as an oscillator and is the opposite of a coin like namecoin and keeps gaining value against BTC.

  13. Stefan Freeman

    That's what I said.🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  14. Hello

  15. nice one once again mate, from my opinion on ccrypto currencies getting building bullish move each passing day, the next few years is definitely going to be filled with regret for a lot of folks. Crypto is here to stay and the recent surge in prices is merely the beginning of greater things to come, crypto offers a lot of financial opportunities either via holding or trading, from experience though I'd easily pick trading over the lot, with the right experience and good signal one could earn big via trading, I won't really consider myself an expert, but I've been coping the signals provided by trading expert Sebastian Bryant, which I've have employed trading under his guide, i have been able to grow my portfolio to 12 btc less than two months, for cypto related concerns Bryant may be contacted on wtspp +447782861037 and telygram sebastianbryan .

  16. Captain Reason

    covid is a scam, like Eth.

  17. Thanks Tone for occasionally bringing Willy for these podcasts style conversation. Very insightful!

  18. one4change4thebetter

    I disagree with Willy Woo about the purchases by Microstrategies and Square. The Winklevoss twins and other OG people have most of their wealth in bitcoin (90%+). Times are uncertain now and it makes sense for those people to sell 50% of their bitcoin so they have 50% of their wealth in bitcoin and 50% in other assets. It makes sense to diversify. If the twins sell 50% that is 5 BILLION $ of bitcoin so 0.5 billion in purchases is not much. So don't expect price to rise until these people diversify their investments.

  19. The tone vays and Willy woo videos are the best

  20. Love Willy, he is THE voice of reason


  22. Rolf Oversier

    It is mainly Grayscale buying all the BTC in 2020. MicroStrategy has an average price of $11,111 indicating they probably bought in July and August.


  24. Willy is blue pilled. Masks don't help at all. You are not protecting anything. COVID virus is 1000X smaller than the pores in the mask.

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