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What is? : “Unconfiscatable Celebrity Poker Tournament 2020 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”


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  1. Тон, про ФИБОНАЧИ УРОВНИ, подскажи пожалуйста в следующем видео, на Логарифмическом графике нужно настроить Логарифмические уровни или использовать обычные? Тогда возникает логичный вопрос зачем в настройках фибо уровней есть такая функция , видимо как раз для того что правильно использовать именно лог фибо уровни на логарифмических графиках ?? Задалась этим вопросом когда заметила функцию "уровни фибо основанные на логарифмической шкале . " Ведь на твоем логарифмическом графике ты используешь обычные и поэтому биткоин уже пробил 0,38 уровень, а если использовать логарифмические, то мы только сейчас на уровне 0,38 по Фибо. Спасибо!

  2. this guy never trades. show me a video where you actually took a position. he lives on youtube views and the idiots who listen to him.

  3. 🧡💛💙💚 I have watched Tone Vays' videos for 8 months now. Many hours. I can confidently say that he is shit to learn off. Sorry Tone but your videos have nothing of substance. You argue with people and waste time describing if a candle is Bullish or Bearish. Are you sure that you're a profitable trader? It doesn't sound like it to me.

    Your videos do not convey any trades of substance. This is not trading. You are preying on WEAK people and unprofitable traders who want to follow "descriptive language" of the market. All Tone is doing is going the route of "mental masturbation" for the masses. People want to sit here and listen to a description of the candles. 👏 Absolute dogshit waste of time.

    And let's not forget that he is Bearish about 99% of the time. Go look at a Bitcoin historical chart, that's whats going to happen to your face if you keep following his bullshit Bearish signals for the next 3 years.

    I strongly recommend people watch other teacher/youtube people to learn. There is no substance here. Tone may be a nice guy in real life but he is taking your money in an unjustified manner. He doesn't even trade anymore, and he charges $1000 for a VIDEO. YES A VIDEO!? Tone is a classic example of a "Trading Educator" that can't make money trading, so they try to be a predator and get people to pay them money to learn.

    Do your research folks, plenty of free material out there to learn trading. Good luck and save your money, this is garbage 🧡💛💙💚

  4. you hands down have the best youtube thumbnails in the crypto space – oh and your TA is not bad too 🙂

  5. I'd rather a short video than no video, cheers Tone

  6. Charlie Mclaren

    The critical level in my strategy is the 200 day moving average and on around 20th October that MA will start to rise. The only way that a break above it becomes likely is if we take another dip to around $7k and stay there for a while. We could possibly see a similar pattern to what happened at the start of the year. I am still in a short until around $7k at which point I'll be looking for a move above the descending 200MA for a long trade. That's how I'll play it and it's very simplistic but it's the way that I'm playing it. My stop for the short is at $9,100 at which point I'll decide that I made the wrong call.

  7. Last peace 2 the puzzle

    Bottomed Out!!! Tony Vaye is Bearishh!!!

  8. Musings of a Noob Trader

    Thank you for adding the videos from Hyperwave. Its fantastic you are making them available. I'm still saddened by Tylers passing, what an amazing person and teacher he was.

  9. Crypto Commons


  10. Anthony Fair

    Good TA. You're gonna have to change your narrative on ETH tho soon. Remember that markets dont have to be rational. ETH has a good chance to reverse here and go on a prolonged run

  11. Garth Snyder

    I like the thumbnail on this one.

  12. Thank you Tone! You’re the best!

  13. Facepalm Jesus

    ok am i missing something? how on earth the 68 fib is at 7300!??!!?!?

  14. Karen Carter

    Awesome Tone, thanks
    Short and sweet!

  15. Ipkiss Stone

    Why wouldn't USDT holders run to the safety of USD rather than BTC? The reason they are in Tether is because cash is the preferable position at that moment. A Tether implosion will see a huge drop in Bitcoin. Tether holders will run to USD not BTC.

  16. Reading comments obvious nobody here cares about future of BTC. Just a bunch of sad wall street wannabes

  17. Tijs Wouters


  18. When trump gets re-elected the stock market will rise to new all time highs!

  19. It is very disturbing with all nasty comments about Tone. I don’t either always agree with his views, but I respect him for being 100% honest. Crypto is full of scammers. Stop watching if you don't like his program.

  20. Fiippo Farinati

    You long at the tops and short at the bottoms If it weren’t t for your paid meetings you would be rekt

  21. Previous video you said market is bullish when market was going up, today when market is going down, you are saying market is bearish.
    Come on man, why don't you stick to your perspective ? High or Low
    What i think is since 200 EMA was rejected, i believe we can short the market till $7600

  22. manstafstevnav

    dude you`re a piece of shit human being how can you call yourself an expert in anything crypto related is beyond me..

  23. Transylvania – gees! If Dracula shows up – be sure to show him the death-cross!

  24. Rlarkin Investments LLC Larkin

    No juice to get us above the 200. Death cross looming. Looking like return to a bear market. The charts are clear

  25. Counter-indicator Tone is bearish. It's time to buy!

  26. Red Pill Science

    Interesting as always. Thanks, Tone 😉

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