Trading Bitcoin – What a Crazy Day In Markets – All Markets

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Trading Bitcoin – What a Crazy Day In Markets – All Markets
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  1. Thank you for the explanation Tone, always appreciate your viewpoint on the markets!

  2. Many thanks, Tony for your insightful thought. All markets went crazy and fell but Bitcoin still remains intact. I am using KoinPro to trade my own Bitcoin futures.

  3. Yes BTC is very stagament and boring with little price action recently, unless you got in under $5000 and holding a position for extended time.
    Actually I like to get your opinion on something I've had countless discussion with traders in my circle.

    Ticker XBTUSD, monthly heikin ashi (or normal candles), if you squeeze the chart, so you can see a full image from ATH Dec '17 to the year 2022, and drawn with magnet, a FIB retracement from the Top $20,093 to March Low $3,121 and extend to 2022, we can see BTC retraced from $3,121 up to $13,920 and hit almost perfectly the 61.8% level. It NEVER closed above, just wicked up. Now I'm to believe this was confirmation that as we didn't close above the 61.8% fib this was and always was a continuation of the bear market until a secondary low was created which was last month at $3596 although that price wasn't able to be traded as Bitmex halted procedures.

    What are you thoughts on above, how important is the Fib 61.8% rejection near perfectly and no close above. Would you consider this to be a Bull Run in a continuous Bear market or as we achieved touching the 61.8% it was actually a echo mini bull market.
    I disagree with the latter others object.

    Does the FIB 61.8% level hold any preference to your beliefs, in trading.

    CRUDE (DFB) CFD High of $22, Low $12 and currently trading negative -350 points at $17, 12;30 BST/GMT.

    I've taken a Note on the 2 week expiration roll over Ticker USO, thats a very interesting find.

    Just shows your never to old or experienced to learn something new..

  4. When Trump says he'll solve something, take it with a very large grain of salt.

  5. Loved the joy on your face Tone when you talk about ETH is oil article related to twins 😂

  6. You can try to upgrade it for pretty cheap. If you don't have an SSD get one and replace your HDD. And get more ram which is most important! Much cheaper than buying new laptop and will do the job equally well most likely.

  7. If Bitcoin is not interesting, that is when you should be paying the most attention… because if its not interesting now its about to become interesting