Trading Crypto & Bitcoin – Essential Survival Tips

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Crypto trading is a crazy game, but a profitable one if done well. Here are some of my top tips to survive the markets!

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  1. Excellent advice on sticking to your plan. Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered.

  2. Sporting a Q-bert shirt. I see yer Qbert and raise you a Simon Says Tshirt. Take that

  3. man great video. I'm a complete novice and I'm CERTAINLY intimidated by the Bitcoin market. I do wish there was some kind of course or step-by-step on trading wisely. From exchanges straight up to taking profits. But I'm learning slowly.

  4. Probably one of the best trading informative video on YouTube. A difference of others you put passion, goodwill and love in this video. Thanks Crypto Lark for this great job…..

  5. Excellent tips and tricks Lark. Very helpful for the rookies.
    99,969 subs man! Soooo close to that 100k!
    I see you're on 993 videos. Almost 1k! Hell yea man!

  6. Trading can be overwhelming when looking at all the cryptos out there. Find one or two pairs to start with and get familiar and comfortable with them. Then add pairs as you become a better trader. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

  7. Taking profits? If you don't spend your profits then are you really taking profits? Or, are you just taking your money out of BTC and investing in dollars?

  8. stick to the plan while the market chances all the time? the sat. prices are crazy. lets hope this altrun will come again coz my cardono is worth almost nothing based on sat. last time everything went up or down on the back of btc. things chanced. first buying btc and then go into alts was the plan just like the whales will do but didnt had the balls. could have buy a million ada then. anyway…. lets be patient and cash out the end of the year coz the trent is similar to 2017. iff bitcoin will go x3 of last all time high then i hope/guess alts will also altough there are more coins in the market.

  9. My strategy for Bitcoin as a noob investor has been using Revolut. Although I don’t “own” the coins (ie. I don’t have a BTC address, nor can I move them to my own wallet), it’s a good start. Revolut lets me round up my transactions by putting spare change in what they call a vault. In addition I buy £10 worth of BTC each time there’s a dip during the week.

    Mostly stacking sats but have taken profit twice since I started this 3 months ago. Once I’m truly comfortable with how the Bitcoin market works and I’ve seen BTC on multiple bad days then I’ll start trading with larger sums. That’s said even if the price returns to $3000 it’s still important for me to own Bitcoin.

  10. have you checked the Bit Universe app ? its a portefolio with grid trading bots, they use api keys that cant withdraw. i use it on binance. these past days i've been trading btc against usdt and been doing 1-4% a day yay bull market 😀 check the app if you want!

  11. great advice larky ! You may have saved a tonne of misery in the crypto space with this advice , all the blessing will come back to you 🙂

  12. You Rock Man!! Bonus lookin like a gorgeous young Ron Jeremy 💯⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  13. IML is the best crypto trading educational platform, with great educators and awesome community, hit me up to get started:) My instagram is markuskuhlbach

    Also thank you Lark for another great video, cant wait for the next one:)

  14. I don’t know why everybody is scared of trading? Once proficient and consistently profitable trading can be the ultimate form of financial freedom. I’m still learning how to trade and boy do I have some losses but I’ve also won trades.

    The key is you just need trading account separate than your long term crypto holdings that you use just for trading. Don’t use any of your personal finances either and you’ll be fine!

    Like anything education is key. I educate myself everyday on how to be a better trader. It takes you 4 years of college education to have some expertise of a subject. I look at trading the same way.

  15. This video should be seen for all newcomers on this crypto trading stuff. I wish I had… but I´ve learned from my mistakes.

  16. Hi lark. Another great video. I'm new to crypto and I've had a dabble at trading. It's hard.
    When you say take profits do you mean from traded bitcoin or HODL coin? And how do you think profit should be taken? Skim profit off the top by selling some bitcoin, or sell your whole bitcoin (I have 1) then repurchase. Any help from you or any of your subscribers would be "Freaking awesome". Thx

  17. Thanks, nice video! I'll add that Bybit have a testnet where you can trade playmoney and get used with the platform, orders etc. I highly recommend it for beginners.

  18. well said! this video should be seen by participants in the next bull run

  19. I dabbled in active trading in '18 and had a few decent trades but it's WAY too stressful and with the small capital I had it just wasn't worth sitting around watching charts 24/7 on 5 and 15 minute timeframes.

    What works for me now is looking at long term timeframes like the daily, weekly and monthly. There's still TA involved, still a few trades but it's not life or death whipsaw scalping the lower time frames which is a LOT less stressful.

    I found out I'm more a long term type of guy, but for someone else they live for scalping or even shorting in a bear market. To each his own. There are many ways to be a successful trader as long as you're disciplined and follow a plan.

  20. Good Advice lark!, I started trading with just $40 and went in with the intention of making gains but also didn't care if I lost it all the same time, good to start small!

  21. Can't wait to say "I remember when …" to four figure Bitcoin. (On the high side I mean 🙂 .

  22. Dude, thank you for the tips. Where do you learn all these things? Can you tell me what fee for crypto excgange are high? I pay 0,4% fee to changelly and I'm not sure I should do that

  23. Taking profits and doing what with ?? if u dont need the money why sell?? im just looking to get more assets! selling is getting rid of an asset only to buy back in at a higher spot. Guess its different for me

  24. All good advice, with luck many people will hear and take to heart your words. The only thing I would add is that a way less stressful life can be had simply by staying focused on the long term time frames and trends (months, weeks & days).

  25. I would share some trading wisdom but I'm still in the accumulation phase.

  26. Ripper once again Lark, so so valuable, much appreciated once again 👍🏽🍻

  27. I recently created an investopedia stock simulator game where you can practice your trades with virtual cash.
    I'd like to invite you to join the game named Bitcoin Trading League. To sign up go to investopedia and create an account under the simulator tab.

  28. should i be selling and taking profits of fiat if the $btc price is dropping? example currently $eth is pumping but sill going down in $btc? does this always happen? crypto noob here.

  29. Very solid advice. I'm more of a stock trader but this video applies to all forms of trading. I actually find Crypto easier to trade because there is very little fundamental analysis because no one knows how much it's worth. Just buy when it dips and sell when it rises, easy as peasy

  30. Personally… I trade to first keep my investing capital intact (without it the game is over), then to grow it and make money … I know it sounds obvious, but many do not do it and get recked quickly.

  31. nice video. only one remark, i had contact with bybit and they say i can only get the 110 USD if i sign up thru your link. so excisting client are not eligible.. in your video you say everyone gets the 110 in they deposit 0.2 btc. who is right?

  32. The most important part of trading is to know if you understand the reasons for the lines and stuff for making a trade, or if you are a degenerate gambler. I've known a few traders, and they are all gamblers, and that's OK, life is something of a gamble, so knowing what you don't know can help you win. If you are just chasing the trend, then you need to dump out the instant it goes against you, because that is the only reason you are betting on it is momentum, so if you lose it, you lost it. Second, always go long on crypto if you are gambling. Why ? Because over time crypto tends to goes up, so the odds are it will probably go up, unless its obviously bear time. Also the most you can make on a short is 100 % + leverage, but a long can run much higher, especially in crypto, where moves over 100 % are possible, even in the short term. Why short, if you don't really understand what you are doing, its just not worth it.

  33. Crypto trading is good, when the coin issuer is known and guarantees a material equivalent like gold or hard currency.
    Correct title about bitcoin would be: "Crypto trading is a crazy game, but game ruler is hidden". Why hidden? Watch the answer in "Bitcoin song" on my channel.

  34. Good advice Mr Lark. My advice, if you are losing sleep over your investments , sell some. You get a warm tingling feeling of calm after doing so. PS Hedge your bet also. It's a win win.

  35. Really, really fantastic advice on trading especially for beginners! Thank u very much and keep up ur excellent work, lots of respect here 👍👍👍

  36. 110 usd as bonus? NICE. You should also say that you can't withdraw those 110 usd, you can trade with it and cash out the winning NOT THE 110 usd.