Trading Crypto with Charts – Battle of the chartists!

Cryptotrader Ran Neuner hosts 5 of the biggest technical analysts, chartists on his show.
Each chartist gives his suggestions on how to trade based on charts
This is the biggest charts show ever in Crypto


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  1. Love this channel! You are always on point.

  2. Bearish tony !🤪

  3. Killing it

  4. Awsoke TA boys!

  5. Another amazing interview Ran! All the people have value and good info!

  6. I need $uy the dip shirt!

  7. Good job Israeli bank

  8. Romain Grenville

    Charts are important

  9. I hate Technical Analysis soooooooo much. Why not just get a palm reading?

  10. Sandeep Swain

    hahahahaahaha what a bunch of morons… especially the last one … a$$holesss..dnot know shit ..nice predictions baldy

  11. Cheds is the real deal

  12. Lol neo is at 80 4.23.18

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  14. What a great idea to upload an episode full of charts in 480p!

  15. Ton dumb ass how's price go up if nobody buys it?! This is a bag of wind

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    For investors only. This is not an airdrop or bounty.

  17. Wonkatonking

    HAHA fail – Etoro has a bitcoin spread of $150 lol

  18. great show..Thank you

  19. Crypto in a Van!

    Chartists and Meteorologists.

  20. Willeys Life

    It's time to make some money people! Join me in the fun, and receive a 4% income boost!

  21. Wow. I'm shocked Tone Vays didn't use the opportunity to shill his bogus scam-indicator.

  22. Bulls on Crypto Street

    Ran great interviews! Some great insight on the charts.

  23. Bulls on Wall Street

    Great knowledge form a great group!

  24. Tone Vays the best there is, no fairy tales from Tone and no volume bullshit. That cap and t-shirt is a 9 buy. lol

  25. Philipp Lahm

    What you think about Forty Seven ICO ?

  26. greentakotako

    Thank you for all you are doing BigCheds

  27. This is so bad

  28. This is so bad

  29. This is so bad

  30. How did you not add Collapzed?

  31. Can we have more of these please!

  32. Branden Limage


  33. broncojonnes


  34. Jeremy Beverly

    Cheds the man!

  35. Ante Kotarac

    These guys are looking and not seeing…Monero just passed Dash on market

  36. Crypto Talk with Tony

    Great information guys..

  37. Awesome episode Ran, loved it!!

  38. Chitlins Laundry

    Great to see Pizpie here! Big up Cheds!

  39. This was actually a pretty good episode.

  40. Anne Holloman

    Thanks for putting on the best Tone Vays

  41. Mr. Ched's, you're a class act and one of the first twitter handles I followed. Be well and FIGHT!!!

  42. Nice one. None of those so called analysts would buy btc at the moment. As a result this is a perfect buying opportunity.

  43. Love ya cheds. You're gonna beat your cancer and become a billionaire

  44. Nice Cheds!

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