Trading with the Bollinger Bands

A video tutorial Designed to teach you how to spot and trade opportunities with the Bollinger Bands.
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  1. Gunnar Rohrscheib

    Very nicely explained! I love to use the Bollinger Bands, and you certainly show me something new.

  2. Thank you so much for your explanation

  3. Hans Yasinì

    What is this strategy about?

  4. Locos Fülöp

    Many traders make the mistake of only identifying a target and forget about their demand rules. In order to calculate your risk as explained in this step strategy, you must have a stop loss level defined with bollinger bands. I defined mine with (IQD Momentum strategy). This is the only time i have a complete neutral bias, because It then becomes far too easy to place my exit points at levels that benefit my trade. I learnt a complete trading method from {[email protected] .com} it helps you make money for the rest of your life. find it on net

  5. Thank you so much for your explanation. Great video.

  6. jerry mander

    There is NO MAGIC PILL in the mkt. You must study many things for years to even become consistent. This is a good video and I highly recommend Trading in the Zone book. This is an absolute must.

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  8. Rhona Maskell

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  9. krishnazee061

    sir ur videos are so impressive . when i watching your videos, soul says i never lose a trade but i am a loser always at last. I am trading with gold. plz, give me suggestion to be a winner.

  10. can you help me? i want to know that how do you setup your indicator on mt4 upside?

  11. slinkkk crown

    i cant refer to a friend if you make dumb and obvious videos.

  12. Patrique D'limi

    Hello ,I am a newbie just like you ,lost all in the trade


    What do you need to achieve success on Forex?
    Do not use indicators(Created for idiots)
    Do not believe analysts and broker
    Have patience(Sooner or later you will learn)
    See my trading results for 3 months.Real account, trading without indicators(90% of the deals are profitable !!)
    Perhaps this will help you!

  14. Tahir Siddique

    Nice information Thanks

  15. I been trading for a while, seems to work. thanks for sharing your video!

  16. So much is being said about Wayne

  17. Julianne G Cheney

    >> I only just started and – $1,760 profit in the day!. Click here << #inq1hvbRcsU (Life changing video.)
    🙂 Thanks viewers

  18. Thresh Why Hook Thresh

    Your the best dude thank you very much!!

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  20. What principle would make the market conform to Bollinger Bands? No one has ever said. The only tool the market conforms to, and that has a principle behind it, is TzaraNet.

  21. thank you very much… I just missed this divergence in my strategy … Hope my strategy almost 80% completed…

  22. mohammed asif

    Hi, as it seems that trades are taken when the price is near the middle of the bollinger band, how do you determine when to go long and when to short ?


  23. bb novice tutorials appear to be 95% of the total. Advanced info & insights would be of much greater value. Looking for more than just %b and bbD.

  24. Martin Lamas

    What are the slow STO setups for a 4 hr or 1 hr timeframes ?

  25. House 2 House on Vinyl

    I tried using Yahoo Finance charts but they fucking suck.

  26. Clayton Clay

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  27. David Caylor

    Very well done.

  28. I watched several videos, Your presentations are well presented, informative. Thanks so much for your time and effort. I learned a lot!!!

  29. One
    day with the creator

  30. Sorry, what is the upper indicator you are using?

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