Travis Scott & Accomplices SUED for BILLIONS After Astroworld Tragedy

#TravisScott is being sued for BILLIONS after hosting the tragic #Astroworld Festival. There’s no way Travis, #Drake or anyone else will get away with this.

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  1. 💕ashley brooke 💕

    I don’t understand how Kylie said they didn’t know of the severity and casualties until AFTER the Travis cares so much for his fans that he still decided to go to D&B for his afterparty? I know it was stated that he left after finding out BUT IF they already knew when the show was over why go to begin with?

  2. Madison Midcap

    There’s a tik tok a medic made about this

  3. Stella Laurentius

    Nobody is mentioning the big elephant in the room. The sheeple still think it was only due to Travis' mismanagement (which obviously it was, but it still doesn't justify the sudden heart attacks, miocarditis, strokes, etc), other sheep will say it was a "[email protected]@nic mass [email protected] [email protected]", yeah right, it was black magic….ppfffffff, come on!! use your critical thinking skills once in a while. Everything has a logical reason to happen. I am sure Travis knew part of this beforehand. The [email protected] Ritual [email protected] is really a cover up for something much more obvious, realistic and logical. If you know, you know.

  4. Ramona Woohoo

    And the worst part its that they have all this money and power thanks to the people that follows and copy them be your OWN FAN PEOPLE! Wake up! Stop idolizing people the tv or media pushes on you those are all puppets of distraction and you are making them powerful by listening to them, copy them, follow them and using their products 👏wake 👏up!

  5. Two men walked on stage during the chaos said something to Travis Scott. I want to know what they said to Travis Scott.

  6. Billion😵 good! I think those who plannes the event should be sued so they have to close shop. One question, can these people, companies file bankruptcy and not pay if the lawsuits are won?

  7. Reminds me of the Hilsborough disaster, that was awful. The images are haunting

  8. Gibby Bababa

    you getting the attention of big names trying to silent you really tells how your reporting is doing. this needs to be out there, thank you!

  9. hello. so kind and good looking.

  10. Thank you for your reporting and thoughts on Astroworld. Scott and all his cohorts should not only pay monetarily but should be arrested. Also, the city not only allowed the venue but promoted it as well and the decision makers need to be held PERSONALLY accountable to pay out of their pocket and be prohibited from using tax dollars. They should also be removed from office. Such immorality shouldn't go unpunished.

  11. You are all idiots saying this is Travis Scott's fault

  12. Sassy Princess

    Travis and Kylie don't even have 2 billion dollars, I hope everyone gets what they're seeking because that show was insane.

  13. SLOAN!! I know you believe in conspiracies And I would love to see your commentary on different ones!

  14. Head of Astroworld medics said 11 people went into Cardiac Arrest at same time during the Scott's show. While Scott kept sang dead…dead…dead…and people really dropped. Someone said are they Beta testing 5G? It goes deep.

  15. This tragedy will not be forgotten, justice will be served.

  16. I had a great experience with Better Help. I was doing grieve counseling and it helped a lot. Edit: such a tragedy the whole thing 😢

  17. The constant moving back and forth is hilarious.

  18. Sage0fThiccPaths

    For anyone asking why the father took his son to a Travis Scott show, you guys gotta remember that Travis has a big child audience. He's featured in Fortnite and has his own kids meal at McDonalds. The Dad has said in interviews that the whole reason he took his son to the show was because he was a massive fan of Fortnite and loved Travis Scott, so he surprised him with tickets to AstroWorld for his birthday.
    Personally, he should've looked into Travis' live shows and what they were like. My parents did that for me when I was younger and would decide based off that, because there is a major difference between just letting a kid listen to a rapper and actually being at a live rap concert. Or any concert for that matter.
    This whole thing is a shit show and I hope everyone that was injured is able to recover and all those killed can rest in peace.

  19. I wish I could double like your video you're still good on the way you speak so entertaining I love how you put these people to Justice online I'm going to say

  20. YOU ARE KIDDING ME❗️KARMA❗️PURE KARMA ❗️After what she did to Britney? And the money she sucked out of that family? And she thought she was “smart” enough to remain in the entertainment industry? She done-over-case closed🕳

  21. Marisa Chambers

    The whole Kardashian family and their associates are trash. I think everyone should just stop giving them attention and maybe they'll be fade away, eventually.

  22. Martina Gilbert

    He stopped the show for his shoe before it got fatal.

  23. Oyuky Betanzos

    I used better help when I was going through stuff like 4 years ago and I it took me a while to find someone who meets my needs and it happens anywhere tbh a dentist the doctors it’s all base it how comfortable you feel and I would sign up but figure it was a lot so I didn’t try but later one that day or next I did receive a week trail and I took advantage of that and after that it help me vent without judgement tbh. It helped me but may not be for others

  24. Sloan your doing a great job doing something the media is trying to hide i wouldn't be surprised if you were that source everyone is talking about

  25. Better help literally saved my life. My therapist was incredible!

  26. I feel like more people passed away than what their telling us. I may be wrong but when you hear stories about how many people were laying on the floor, passed out, unresponsive….it sounds like it was more than just 10.

  27. Lily Trujillo

    Shoutout to the Houston police officer that reminded other officers to take a deep breathe and keep working through it. Keeping your head clear in an emergency situation is so hard but he led his team!! Shoutout to all the people who helped those in need. Rest in Peace to those who were lost. <3

  28. This is why we say eat the rich. Fuck Travis Scott, Drake, Lou, everyone else involved in this tragedy

  29. These victims were just normal people.
    So sad 🙁

  30. i love u sloan always keeping us up to date🔥

  31. I’ve never been to a festival but how were there so many people passing out? Wasn’t it outside and why were they trampling people were there gunshots?

  32. Divinely Transformed

    I wish I could heart this video! I love this news! Justice for the dead, injured, and traumatized!

  33. They all sold their soles to the Devil. Now the devil is asking for more than just their souls.

  34. I doubt this decision came alone from Travis Scott! I bet to 100% it’s their handlers choice!

  35. I honestly think it was 80% Travis and his crew an the organisers…but also we have to think about all the people who ran and trampled and pushed etc. They have a blame too. So many selfish people who helped cause the surge that killed people.

  36. I'm interested in a deep dive vid about the interwoven workings of LouMT , kardash krewe and others! Love you and your vids Sloan!<3333

  37. I don’t understand why at some point the police didn’t shut it down??? I know it’s not their fault, but Jesus….

  38. sebastien boivin

    How the hell can a singer sued for this? He hired a security company and a management for this…this is their not doing or doing…a singer I'd not an expert in security.

  39. Mrs. Jimmy Two Times

    The lawsuits better leave them penniless.

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