Trump Demands Vaccine Credit for Virus He Spent Almost a Year Denying

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Day 15 of #Squattergate is upon us, Trump is still hunkered down in the White House & firing everybody in his path, the thinktank in Trumpland is empty as his White House staff peddles nonsense, Trump is reportedly worried that President-Elect Joe Biden will get all the credit for the COVID vaccine, a supermarket chain’s poor choice of words in an ad, and Jimmy interviews Mike Tyson about his big return to boxing.

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  1. Decided to do something when he realized the hoax was himself. But yeah better late than never.

  2. I would have liked to see that she passed faster Trump giving $1000000 tour covid-19 ability is a big Tycoon businessman do so yet he's cheaper than a two-fisted Jew non-caring cold-hearted bastard

  3. His mockery to wear mask from last year in May…cannot be forgotten!!! how many people died??.. He was only focus to win the election! we don't need that type of leadership controlling our country!..Forget him please!!

  4. Pfizer wasn't part of warp speed and it came out first thus, warp speed did nothing to speed up development. And we now know he also didn't create a a national distribution plan, but he did say not to wear a mask and is responsible for the 500,000 U.S. deaths during The Trump Pandemic.

  5. You were so right about Cuomo being the greatest hero ever , so you are probably right about all the rest of these brave and stunning heros! And Thank You to the Most Coherent and sharp minded president in History , Uncle Joe!

  6. That's 8000 Americans dying per 1 round of golf. So if you want to go with the ripple effect. Every time Trump went golfing 8000 Americans died from Corona Virus. Way to protect the people you Serve.

  7. If scientists find a cure for cancer, I suppose Trump will want credit for that too, right?

  8. I Love you Mike Tyson!!!!! <3 <3 <3 No matter what outcome, you're always the best, fighting, personality, and a general amazing person!!

  9. I am an Indian and there was a time when we used to look up to America. Now its a big joke because of this man

  10. IF Mike Tyson REALLY wanted to "make the world a better place" he'd start by re-paying for a couple of EARS. (no, the "y" is not missing)

  11. I was going to say he has some balls wanting credit when he's done nothing but then l remembered he doesn't have any.

  12. The gray greasy great bubble ipsilaterally mess up because crook intraperitonally whip below a fanatical file. voiceless, pink professor

  13. To be fair to trump if you destroy every good thing the previous president did it's almost as if the previous president didn't do anything.

  14. Trump will win 1st Place trophy…NUMBER ONE the best most fantastic,…. nobody knows this…he is the first ever number one worst president in US history.

  15. Does trump do any work being a president? Or he just want to be president and do nothing?

  16. @ 1:09
    That woman to the right, in the yellow? That's the face of someone who just had the MDMA kick in.

  17. All those who said there is no pandemic, that the virus was a hoax, who attended all the rallies with no masks should be last on the list of those receiving the vaccine…just sayin'

  18. First he claimed it was a Democratic hoax, now he wants to take credit for a vaccine for a hoax virus. Unbelievable this old demented foggie.

  19. Does anyone know by chance if the sulfa drug is in the COVID vaccines? It is life threatening to me. Much appreciate in advance.🤙🏻