Trump Wants Credit for the Vaccine & Fox News Rallies Against It | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Four former presidents rally behind the coronavirus vaccine, a third of Republicans won’t get the shot, Trump looks for credit, and Fox News questions the vaccine’s safety. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #CoronavirusVaccine

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  1. No Vaccine. Check fox news from Tucker. There are more and more people dying from the jab. More News are being censored now. put Fauci and Bill Gates in jail

  2. Noah cut your hair you not a real black man and stop trying to be

  3. I will not get a vaccine!! I have sevaral allergies and an immune deficiency

  4. Bind people only follow cnn ,poor people,cnn work hand to hand with the elite 🤝

  5. No!!! You can't ask any questions about the vaccine!
    And you wonder why people don't want to take it

  6. Under Trumps watch he implemented "Warp Speed" . The fastest a vaccine has ever been developed and shots being given in history by cutting all the Red Tape and giving slack to those evil, evil drug companies. How did all the "socialist" countries do getting vaccines?". If you do not like drug companies making a profit after they spent millions and millions on R&D and saving millions and millions of lives than go to France or Canada. Everything here is true and correct.

  7. Trevor’s a tool. There have been over 3,000deaths because of this experimental shot. Check it out, it’s out there. Not a conspiracy theory. Free donuts, and celebrities convincing you cmon

  8. Yes, thats the fact. The vaccine discovery was achieved during his reign. He deserves the credit. That said, he needs to do more to convince his people to get vaccinated.

  9. Didn't your VP say on national tv that she won't take the Trump Vaccine?

  10. Lol what’s all this?? Take the experimental vaccine if you want or don’t. You can’t tell me what I can do with my body so why should I tell you not to take this experimental vaccine? Periodt.

  11. Scientists were preparing the RNA vaccines for the past decade….it had nothing to do with trump. They came up with the vaccine so quickly thx to China mapping & releasing the DNA blueprint so quickly. The plan for development of the vaccine was in the pandemic playbook from Obama that trump threw in the trash the week after he took office. Trumps embezzlement of all the covid money slowed the process but the private sector went ahead & used their own money to get the vaccine made anyway knowing they could charge the government for it after it was ready. The vaccines were produced despite trump….not because of him. We still need an investigation into where the covid money went as trump funneled a lot of it back into his campaign by awarding contracts to his contributors

  12. I absolutely love ur dumb face. It's like the face my brother did to his teacher when he wanted him to repeat the sentences over and over again and he looked so dumb and not understanding it, he repeated it over and over again 😂