Trust Bitcoin – Not Your Government

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Cory and I discuss Bitcoin, social media censorship, key trends, and a reminder to not trust your government.


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  1. This dude is incorrect about Steem blockchain censorship. Steemit can censor you, but its only one of many frontends to the blockchain. The message always remains on the blockchain, similarly Ethereum Classic has some dude putting the Bible on ETC. Satoshi put a message in the genesis block. It is flatly wrong for someone to say that blockchains don't empower immutability of messages. We can talk about how much DPoS sucks, and I will gladly agree. We can talk about DPoS being easy to manipulate and I will gladly agree. Steem should have been SHA256, but its potential to be truly immutable media is a reality.

  2. This crypto currency is CLASSIC hegelian dialectic. Create the problem. Provide the solution.
    Cashless society. One world currency. Hook line and sinker.

  3. We fight not against flesh and blood (though there are flesh and blood humans [maybe others] that serve the non-flesh and blood rulers).

  4. Great interview, this is what gets me excited about this space. Politics and bitcoin are the same thing to me. In a way i see buying Bitcoin as a new way to protest against an unfair system. 10 million per bitcoin, that blew my mind. I was thinking 1 million maybe. There is no way in the world you could imagine i would have thst sort of wealth one day. Interesting times ahead for sure.

  5. Wow! Another excellent interview and chat Senor Lark 😉 I was only gonna watch a few mins, but then after hearing a little of the subject content, I was hooked and the dots are now coming together faster everyday 😉
    Well done brother!

  6. I leave this comment with the hopes of effecting future search algorithms in such a way that this comment will bring more attention to your important plight of spreading knowledge about blockchain technology in an environment that can often be discourteous.

  7. I would worry more about the state of the earth's eco-system if bitcoin gets near $100k before $10M. The energy output needed to secure this blockchain would be insane and renewables would not cover it. Yes – gold takes energy and resources to mine, however, once you have it in your vault it's there. Not anywhere near the energy usage to secure the blockchain. That's my only problem with bitcoin. Hopefully Moore's law can break it's rules and help bitcoin's PoW handicap be more efficient.

  8. A nation state is the modern version of a large group. You are arguing against groups, wtf.

  9. Satoshi didn’t invent PoW. Blockchain is the innovation. I have to disagree with your sound tech on all points.

  10. Contrary to Cory's assertion, there is a coin that can challenge Bitcoin's position and that is Nano. Nano is radically different tech and will probably prove itself superior to Bitcoin in that regard. With regard to ecosystem development, Nano is making great strides. Nano is showing itself to be a better currency. With time Nano can become an even better store of value than Bitcoin too.

  11. Furthermore, you are mentioning Greece and Cyprus as examples off the corrupted systems that keep the same pattern, borrowing endlessly…(even though “small” countries,have been and still are in your scope!! ) Thank you, as well, much appreciated:)))

  12. Oh but the deep state shadow government controls bitcoin. Next stop you get chipped in order to use bitcoin.