Uncle Eli had to take a little credit for Arch's ball flip and dime 😅🎯 #Shorts

Uncle Eli had to take a little credit for Arch’s ball flip and dime 😅🎯 #Shorts

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  1. I’ve nvr seen anyone spin the ball like that. That was clean

  2. I cAn FroW A bAll !! 🤤

  3. The old “manningham basket drop”

  4. Ahh… nepotism!

  5. Desmond Joyner

    Eli my boy

  6. Larry Woolridge

    Stop it they've already crown him the best qauterback ever

  7. Sheeesh😳😳😳

  8. The ball flip on the pump fake tho…..he will be the best Manning ever

  9. He will pick the college he wants to play for and probably do the same in the draft.

  10. Them Manning boys sure can toss that pigskin round can’t they !!

  11. Ohhhh no no no. Don’t let him teach you anymore Archie

  12. chucknastyness

    He's right. I don't think its a hot take to say Eli had a better arm than Peyton

  13. Dynasty

  14. Eli should also teach him how to not get sacked oh wait….

  15. Sam Phillips

    It was definitely Peyton

  16. Gumbo Jambalaya

    Stay at home and go to LSU.

  17. Laydee Graham

    I think he will have over pass both uncles legacy

  18. Gerardo Bernadotte

    That flip was crazy 😂

  19. That kind of throw at 16 ? That Manning DNA something different

  20. Mando Mendoza

    This kid is going to be a beast at QB

  21. Never ending cycle of hall of fame Manning QBs

  22. Mondo Flores

    Brady will be waiting for that challenge 👀

  23. Michael Jordan has a son . Doesn't mean he played like Jordan..same with this little manning archi..or arcy.. however

  24. MotherLoveBone

    This kid will end up playing vs Mahomes.

  25. The ball spin is what had me re-watching

  26. That was unfair to the receiver and corner, they can’t run full speed cause the wall AND people sitting there. The pass was the easy part..

  27. Salvador Lucas

    He probably going to the raiders

  28. Hakeem The Dream

    That was pretty impressive 👏

  29. Brandon Oneil

    Blaketh finnesenhiezer Griffith the 3rd

  30. Jeffrey Abbey

    Replace Giants #8

    Go Arch Go

    Another Manning is coming…

  31. Dats a paddlin

    Right when a male Manning is born they are handed a football

  32. kingofdeadlift

    That was a nice little fake and a bomb pass.

  33. Dead as fu**

  34. He gonna be better than both Eli n Peyton

  35. Russian Old Spice

    Eli It didn’t get picked buddy settler down

  36. Wish all quarterbacks had these opportunities

  37. Is that Peytons Son ?

  38. That spin was clean

  39. Calum Hanson

    Another Manning that's gonna be beast..

  40. Julio Ernesto Febles Romero

    Clemson practice facilities…

  41. Another Manning that's gonna be beast…

  42. You know he didn't teach him that cause the ball wasn't intercepted

  43. Jblaze phamtasmo

    can someone tell me why everyone reveres drew brees and aaron rodgers, when Eli got 2 rings and 2 superbowl mvps off the GOAT? lol

  44. GildedWarrior331

    He whipped that bih like he was like "syke " but then he HEEEEEEEEEEEE that bih 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. NFL Best trio of all time: Seahawks, Malcolm Butler, 1- yard line

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