Unemployment Benefits Update: Will The PUA Be EXTENDED For Lyft & Uber Drivers?

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When it comes to Lyft & Uber unemployment for drivers, there is good news! The 2nd stimulus package has been passed! This means that the $300 unemployment benefits will continue and those who are eligible will get a stimulus check of $600! In addition to this, other programs are getting more funding! The PPP loan extension will be getting a 2nd round of funding and the EIDL grant will be opened back up and some will be eligible to as much as $10,000! Even the ERC (Employee Retention Credit) is getting more funding! To top it all off, stimulus rental assistance is included! There is also a FPUC extension, PUA extension and PEUC extension! This is a great start to 2021! In this video, RSG contributor Tyler will break all of this down and more! This video on unemployment has been produced by The Rideshare Guy.

Check on PUA in your state: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/state/contacts

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Apply for the EIDL Grant: https://youtu.be/XbaCB4siDWQ
Here’s Why Lyft And Uber Drivers Should Apply For The PPP Loan: https://youtu.be/nbwJqCsNqEs

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Stimulus Checks 0:30
Will PUA Get Extended 3:11
The PPP Loan 5:19
Fetch Rewards 7:34
Outro 8:32

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  1. Does anyone know if you have to reapply for a claim if your benefit year expired for PUA??

  2. Thank you it Was awesome INFO we Need To Know to getting the Help to keep it up To hit the Road From San Antonio Texas USA Harry you Are The BEST*** Sergio

  3. The California EDD claims page has contradictory information regarding whether or not existing PUA claimants need to file a new claim after the final 2020 payment. The message I received a few days said that that was the final payment and a new claim needs to be filed. Now, the ONLY options contained in that email (the message itself is gone and cannot be accessed) are to file a new claim or manage an existing one. It's totally confusing. Anyone who had 2020 PUA benefits know whether we're supposed to file a new claim, sit tight and wait. or WHAT?

  4. I’ve heard many gig workers have been on the road and receiving PUA at the same time, wouldn’t that lead to a hiccup eventually?

  5. Do rideshare drivers have to report their income each week since we are considered self employed?

  6. I live in California My claim says Claim Has Expired… Do I need to re apply or do I wait?

  7. So I can apply for PPP and EIDL loan at the same time and be approved for both without paying it back? I did LYFT last year.

  8. In Nevada . . . DETR is working through it. DO NOT REAPPLY, CERTIFY. If you try to certify and the PUA – employnv.com does not let you, try the next day. Keep checking your Claim Status, it will be refreshed. Those who applied last year before 12/26, I haven't any good news. Keep calling DETR! Bug the heck outta them, til you're paid!