Unemployment PUA PEUC Extension $300 Boost Stimulus Bill FAQ + What Happens Next

I’m going through all of the FAQ I have received the last two days for the new details for the stimulus bill as it pertains to unemployment – the $300 unemployment boost, unemployment extension, PEUC 11 weeks extension, 11 week PUA extension, when do new benefits start, what’s next, and more.

0:00 Intro
1:30 PUA and PEUC receiving “BENEFITS HAVE ENDED notices”
3:15 What comes next for expired claims
4:07 Will we have 10 or 11 weeks?
4:25 I used up my balance – will I receive more $
4:37 When do new benefits end?
5:02 $300 boost
6:23 Is the boost retroactive?
6:33 Is the $300 boost taxable?
7:15 Mixed earners $100/wk
7:58 Overpayment waiver
8:13 WHEN will we be paid?
9:52 Do I have to reapply?
10:27 Where to stay informed
11:31 What if I’m on Fed-Ed/Extended benefits?
12:26 CALIFORNIA specific info
16:07 Awkward outtakes

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Full Bill: https://rules.house.gov/sites/democrats.rules.house.gov/files/BILLS-116HR133SA-RCP-116-68.pdf

EDD Info on Stimulus Bill: https://www.edd.ca.gov/about_edd/coronavirus-2019/cares-act.htm

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  1. Regarding the extension and boost being 10 Weeks or 11 Weeks due to the bill being signed on Sunday – The Department of Labor may have found a workaround to help states receive 11 weeks still despite the text of the bill – I will share this update tomorrow as I'm hoping there will be more info tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the feedback edd seems to flip flop their provisions you have brought so much help and you're more knowledgeable than edd

  3. If you haven’t been dealing with Herickcard y’all are missing a lot he’s the greatest of all time rn💯.

  4. You must be listening or looking at something else! She is very confusing especially on the extension of Pua

  5. President Donald J. Trump!!! Please don't disrespect the Greatest President the USA ever had!!!

  6. I have a question, my first extension is over, can I apply for another ine?

  7. Ginny do you know with this new legislation trying to pass now, if your PEUC is at 0 balance would I still be able to get extension of passed

  8. Does this mean that if my regular 26 weeks of unemployment ends at the end of February, can I begin a PEUC claim that will last me through April 11th?

  9. We need to start a class action suit what edd is doing to all of us 6 to 8 weeks they took everything from me making us pay for stupidity real bullshit.

  10. I'm hoping that I have an extension now I used all my ui so I'm expecting to get the last 11weeks cuz I'm income zero bound I need my extension

  11. Ginny can plz help me get my benefits I have been asking everyone for help but nobody does they say they will but they dont.im in big trouble and running out of time.. they cut my benefit 1/2/21 they were supposed to run until 2/19/21 but i got a inbox mess. My claim has been paid. Iv been kick out of my home during this shelter in place orders

  12. I have continued to do payment request and its confusing because rep on the phone first one says yes I should be receiving with the extension and said they had send me to another dept rep and then they disconnected:( then after another day I called and held for one hour and 45m8n then rep tells me I won't be getting any more payments, and if I wanted to file appeal do it,?. Do I file appeal or continue to wait please advise me. Have a blessed day.

  13. Thank you so much for posting this information online…highly appreciated…

  14. Good discussion on unemployment. I've been wondering what happen to the $300 weekly federal supplement to UI. I've been filing UI contiuously since May 1st 2020. When the 13 weeks kicked in, the first week was unpaid (a waiting period.) I didn't get my 2nd stimulus of $1200 (married, joint filing) so I guess I'll claim it as a payment (or refund) on my 2020 tax filings. I live in Hawaii. 16:07 I smashed the like and subscribed button which perhaps caused her to drop the microphone.

  15. I’m from Texas and my tuc benifits exhausted this week- I was only paid for 1 week + 300. Now I’m told no benifits until March 13. I don’t understand, I thought UI was being extended?

  16. So if I didn't file before _dec 26,the I can not file now for Feb 2020 – dec 26 2020 is that right I lost that option?

  17. Thank you so much I really appreciate you taking the time to get the message about EDD programs

  18. Hi, thank you for your informative information.
    I’ve been on medical leave since September with pneumonia and am currently not back to work. Am I eligible to apply for PUA? And if so where do I apply?