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Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [BTC] | F2POOL dump | CME Futures

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  1. Hey dude ! Ty for this review, great

    Want to hear your thoughts about Coinstox. I want to purchase some CSX token. Will I receive higher payback if I purchase that coin?

  2. Fuck F2Pool!! Stop supporting shady mining pools. Nicehash is SUCH a better, easier mining pool

  3. °○°

    "ADA Cardano = Elon's fork in the road"
    …that news are HUUUGE!!!


  4. Do you think ORN will be bigger than DOT ? I think ORN is going to 20 Billion market cap there working with Binance and Coinbase and EGLD

  5. Wall Street shysters, polititions and industrial mogals the world over are in control of Crypto now. It's been tarnished and no longer a level playing field.

  6. its helpful because we have crazy selfish leverage traders pushing over 25X

  7. these massive dips are great buying opportunities, I hope the market tanks a bit this whole week to buy more.

  8. i find it awsome that you keep posting even when things are a bit down , keep it on loving it

  9. If Crypto has a head and shoulder pattern, that means fiat is the dandruff.

  10. Thanks George, when you take off the top are you going into a stable coin or fiat?

  11. according to CryptoQant, F2pool chart is The total amount of BTC transferred from F2Pool affiliated miners' wallets. Disclaimer: F2Pool and its affiliated miners are different

  12. Investment in cryptocurrency is one of the best chance of making money 💰

  13. Thanks George!! You saved us 2 days ago and now today I could buy the dip with my gains!! Double gains now!! 😎😁

  14. You called it yesterday and I didn't listen. I was tempted to take some profit but decided against it. George, I'm listening. Keep doing what you are doing.

  15. They told us it belongs to ppl.
    They told us it is fully decentralized.
    So, if one member of this market selling by market orders just 3800 BTCs, why it so sensitive?
    Anybody can easily manipulate with crypto market…

  16. Bought 5000 ada at .87 what a deal. Flash crashes can help the portfolio 🙂

  17. Newish to your channel. But really like the analytics you do. Keep it coming

  18. Phenomenal video again! You should have even more subscribers. People are missing out!

  19. Krakens massive dips on all coins was an anomaly compared to the other exchanges

  20. and we wont down even more. i bought the dip yesterday… should have bought the dump today i suppose