Updated Applying For PUA, Unemployment Information For Self Employed Uber, Lyft And Gig Workers

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Updated PUA Unemployment Information For Self Employed Uber Lyft And Gig Workers on how to and when to apply for unemployment with the new stimulus.


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  1. I do random jobs that people post on Craigslist like dog walking, dog sitting , house cleaning, babysitting, And It has now stopped due to covid. Do these jobs qualify for PUA?

  2. I finally rec'd the "call back" after completing my UI application, so that I could go ahead to apply for PUA. What the rep didn't tell me was that the PUA application is only available on my sign in page for a few hours. I saw it initially on my page & now it's gone! Not Available. Now what? I have to start all over with initial Unemployment application, wait for call back…? Horrible system. Fire Gov Cuomo!

  3. Anyone apply for PUA yet? What questions do they ask on PUA application? And do they ask for income by quarter, etc ?

  4. Hi I am a Uber and Lyft driver but I work through my S Corp and All my payments from Lyft and Uber are on business account now that because of corona I have stopped working do you think I can apply for unemployment.(I am the only One in S Corporation)

  5. Anyone in NY that's self employed have luck with UI application online? Or were you also told after completing it that you now need to speak to a rep at the 888-209-8124 that's ALWAYS busy?

  6. I applied in Ca for Uber and it says $0 for the first week does that means I didn’t get approved

  7. I filed mine last week for NY they gave me a # to call & it's not working.

  8. IAM a DJ I get paid cash and I lost my job due to covid 19 do I qualify for help?

  9. Thank you so much for this video. It’s the most informative and clear video I’ve seen on YouTube. Stay safe. 🙏 Good luck, guys!

  10. I stop driving couple weeks a go because of the risk of driving during this COVID-19 epidemic and I was wondering if I still qualify for unemployment?

  11. Which software do you use to do your video that shows both your computer screen and thumbnail of yourself ? The thumbnail looks pretty cool with red smoke.

  12. So, for self employed – first apply for regular UI. Then when you get rejected, apply for PUA?
    Where is the PUA application? Don't find that online.Thanks

  13. Who's address do we give when asked for employer information? Our own or ubers?

  14. I am no longer driving because I am scared to get infected with the virus can I apply for unemployment I have a six-year-old son and 2 year old daughter and my husband is diabetic and I fear for their life’s including mine

  15. What. do you do if there is no option for "self employed" on your state's application? 
    If it only asks about your "Employer"? is that me?? if you answer this wrong, you'll likely be denied.

  16. Thank you for updated information . hope you updated if there is more information thank you again

  17. Hi thanks for that excellent information, let me ask you a question, I'm a Uber driver full time, and it stopped working since March 10 in N.Y.I don't know how much it's going to take to claim for unemployment benefits, but if I'm going to be on the road in a couple of days in April do you think I'm going to mess with my benefits??? Thanks.

  18. Thanks for this I tried to apply but the questions didn't make any sense for people that do ride share

  19. Dude the Florida website it’s frustrating they haven’t updated anything, they don’t answer phone calls, emails, anything. I get it a lot of people are applying now but due to the rising cases they could at least had tried to prepare for this. A lot of people have been trying for weeks.

  20. By far, Chris has done the best job of anyone, including mainstream media, to explain the Stimulus Bill / PUA and how it relates to Self-Employed / Inde Contractors / Gig Workers – You should send this video to the major news cable networks and pitch them on being a special correspondent to help explain Self-Employed / Inde Contractors / Gig Workers financial issues during the crisis – you have a Matt Lauer vibe (before he was outcast) – Thanks and look forward to future posts!