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  1. Please forgive me for using the word “you know” a lot 😂 Thanks for the support ❤️🙏🏻

  2. BCTR is ready to takeoff

  3. I’m tired of no-name coins that don’t deliver on their promises. PinkPanda DeFi is the only crypto that has kept to their promises. They launched just a week ago and are already audited and had their own mobile app launch today for both iOS and Android. That’s the kind of project that I feel completely safe investing my money in, for an easy 15-30x. Don't miss this. Their TG is @PinkPandaDeFi

  4. Razorvision 87

    Will you do a video on FilCoin? I haven’t seen very many videos on that.

  5. Will Bitcoin price fall? Absolutely, but it will go back up. Is it a volatile asset? Absolutely. Will it go to zer0? Absolutely not. So I invite you to accumulate more $Bitcoin in your Atomic Wallet before the next leg up

  6. I don't believe it's him it's the institutions manipulating the market and they're putting it on him IMHO

  7. Eddie Langwinski

    Elon you need to cut the shit and stick to cars. Can’t believe people let this clown shake them out.

  8. Robert Surles

    When are we going to stop giving this idiot so much power?

  9. FAVES Online

    I’m out. This is not a serious asset class. Asset classes can’t be rekt by a single tweet. This market is just a manipulative joke now. The whole thing is a laughable meme. On to making some serious money elsewhere.

  10. elon musk is a fraud. his fanboys and fangirls think they're all hip and super critical people. they're just as dumb as sheeple that follow celebrities blindly

  11. Molenaar Albrichje

    There's no doubt in my mind that we are not only going bull with little sign of stopping. I know people hate saying "this time is different" but the amount of banks, institutions, and companies who have in vested hundreds of millions of dollas with the intent to hold long term: how can we refute that this may be the "super cycle" everyone is talking about? The conditions of this bull market are unlike anything we have ever seen. BTC still has a ways to go in terms of gro wIth, I have been in the crypto world for just over a year now and I have been able to make 30 BTC foIIow the reasonable adv!se and trade sIgnals from Richard Herbert, a pro anaIysis that is always one step ahead of other traders, he runs a program for serious minded investor/newbies. if you are lookfor a way to increase your portfolio or investment. You can easily get_to Richard on 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅰🅼 @richardcryptotrading

  12. ken jorgensen

    Elon made the Tweet exactly when BTC broke out of triangle ,,,and last time when he said they will not use BTC it dumped hard..coincidence..NO

  13. flash crash xD. stfu kid!


    just dont listen to elan masks??? whats the benefit from showing this shit posts from a single person?

  15. Elon musk is an enemy

  16. Red Dragons of Possessive Love

    The Markets are being manipulated. The whales are dumping their coins at higher prices.

  17. Andrew Bryant

    I'm beginning to really hate Elon musk

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