Valve just WRECKED TRADING…again | TDM_Heyzeus

7-day trade hold part 2
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Valve just WRECKED TRADING…again | TDM_Heyzeus



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  1. A post note – the crash in Arcana's is also due to the release of the Battlepass. The trading situation is probably better seen as exacerbating that situation, rather than causing it.

    And yes it's easy to sell. I screwed that one up as well. Please forgive me 😥

  2. Well
    I guess it’s time to start rust trading

  3. trading already sucks every since the 7 day hold started

  4. 1:13 "east" to sell lul

  5. Like every year when the Dota Battle Spaß comes out. 🙈

  6. Re up loed



  8. Harley Jerome Villarmea

    Maybe because of the ti10 battle pass

  9. One could only speculate…

  10. 1:20 it says EAST, not EASY. im sure someone pointed it out

  11. Anil Byanjankar

    The price of arcanas are down coz of ti10 battlepass this happens every year. It will go up after September slowly.

  12. turtlefight 9k

    Now rust skins

  13. I do a lot of tf2 trading and really hope that this doesn't happen. but the thing is, in order for valve to put a trade hold on tf2 stuff they would have to knowledge TF2's existence which we all know will never happen xD

  14. woahwoagaowaf

    good. trading scene is full of degenerates, glad valve is doing something to kill it.

  15. This video is mostly bs

  16. This video is irrevelant to the price of arcanas, is annual price drop in the release of TI's/Battlepass and price now are back to normal.

  17. Don't invest in TF2 Keys for longterm. They'll just do it again.

  18. Luckily, all of my investments increased.

  19. Price crashes might be because of ti10 battlepass, your reasons might be too narrowly aimed.

  20. then traders will move to tf2 lol

  21. Dennis Wagnermeyer

    feels like every video i ve watched so far is like "the game almost died". dunno how many games you´ve played that actualy died

  22. at 0:53 theres a 7430¥ awp prince which is $69.32..

  23. Sm00th Pursuit

    It's crazy to think that a game that has higher payout for pro players, that their market can be comprised by the superior CSGO trade community.

  24. 1.20 East to sell

  25. East

  26. JaWatDenn Jonge

    why does he have such an annoying voice

  27. Pls don’t use tf2 keys as the new currency we’ve been fucked over enough

  28. At this point I'm just hoping they forgot about tf2 for real

  29. Galavis232RO

    Valve shot themselves in the other foot

  30. Its better then trade ban for ever in pubg

  31. Valve just found and dissipated loooooooooads of hacks.
    Rip hackers

  32. They should just punish the gamling sites and the people who advertise the gambling sites. Just ban and strike every person who advertise csgo gambling.

  33. 1:20 -East to sell

  34. Yogi Abdullah B L

    I dont think the fallen of Arcanas price will last longer. It was the consequences of the hypeness of the Battlepass that they released few days ago. But yeah, I dont think Valve should change the trade and market rule for Dota 2 items that being held for 7 days before its marketable status.
    And now people are selling the TF2 key ffs xD

  35. 1:15 "east to sell :ppp"

  36. East to sell

  37. East to sell 1:20

  38. Anyone know how to cash out skin with mastercard or visa?

  39. please please PLEASE dont flock to tf2 keys, their price is already extremely bloated and expensive compared to what they were years back, they've increased 2303.43% from their old more stable price of around 2.33 refined metal and having less keys is going to absolutely inflate their prices to even more comical amounts. (me, a tf2 player)

  40. I think its because Dota 2 Ti10 is On going right now with more great features on it

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