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Just under a year in the making, CREDITS celebrates the diverse energy and personalities of the global women’s skate community directed by Shari White. With a talented cast led by three underground favorites — Una Farrar, Breana Geering, and Fabiana Delfino —the film highlights the unique, individual style and expression of a group of friends that skate, hang and travel together. Other featured riders, Beatrice Domond, Cher Strauberry, Clara Solar, Poppy Olsen, Helena Long, Adelaide Norris, Dayana Young and director Shari White herself.

Music Credits:
“The Unguarded Moment”
Performed by The Church
Courtesy of Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd. under license from Universal Music Enterprises

“Think of You” Performed by Bleached
Courtesy of Bleached

“Turn It Off”
Performed by Culture Abuse
Courtesy of 6131 Records

Performed by Galaxie 500
Courtesy of 20-20-20 Records by arrangement with Bank Robber Music


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Skate Team Members:
Anthony Van Engelen, Gilbert Crockett, Chima Ferguson, Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo, Kyle Walker, Andrew Allen, Chris PFanner, Curren Caples, Daniel Lutheran, Dustin Dollin, Elijah Berle, Omar Hassan, Pedro Barros, Lizzie Armanto, Rowan Zorilla, Ronnie Sandoval, Chris Russell, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso (R.I.P.), John Cardiel, Ray Barbee, Steve Caballero, Tony Alva

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Vans Presents: Credits | Skate | VANS


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  1. The girls are rocking

  2. Cara's slam…gnarly gals I'll say…

  3. Luyanda Moyo

    Don't wanna make it a competition but female skaters dress better than male skaters

  4. Quinn Hudson

    Beatrice the goat

  5. yesss finally more female ones!!!

  6. Danny Chavez

    This is absolutely beautiful

  7. billy shinbone

    Absolutely brilliant, creative skaters & a wonderful atmospheric video. Really enjoyed watching.

  8. Content Clown

    I love this video so much. It makes me emotional everytime I watch it wow. Thanks for making it and making it so beautiful ❤❤

  9. i love it when women.

  10. This is crazy cool
    Now nyjah f ucking jerk
    Tell me now women can not skatr

  11. Isabella Suárez


  12. 1dollarapplejuice

    this gets me so hyped!

  13. จิรากิตตติ์ ธนจารุวัฒน์กุล

    What song ????

  14. puta video lindo. Inspirador demais ❤️

  15. something_in_the_radiator

    the haters wish they had a girlfriend that skates.

  16. i have the biggest crushes on una and beatrice

  17. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


    anyone know what kind of camera

  19. Stephanie Lee Schneider

    This is the crew I wish I knew when I was an up & coming young skater, but now that I know them they're too cool for a weirdo like me…. hahaha fml.

  20. Cremig Productions

    Does anyone know which camera and fisheye shari uses?

  21. David Lewis Johnson

    this fuckin rules

  22. so inspiring

  23. Amanda Alafita


  24. Great to see female skateboarders being recognized more frequently now, hopefully this becomes a normal occurrence

  25. chillednthrilled

    I dunno if I’m falling in love or just in love with their skating! I’m so confused! 😩

  26. Awesome so epic… Luv

  27. bro clara solar hucks it cant wait to see more video parts from her

  28. Maria Eduarda


  29. VioletSpells

    Fabiana fuckin shreds

  30. ela hacioglu

    inspiring female queens<3

  31. A huevo <33

  32. I love this video so much

  33. Maria Eduarda

    máximo respeito!

  34. 56 people hate fun.

  35. 7:03 scare moment

  36. Katelyn Wintch

    This is a really good inspiration for me as a skateboarder especially since I’m a girl I want to be like them one day!

  37. Joel Sundquist

    Video was Amazing! It got me hyped AF to go skate!

  38. You don’t know Me


  39. Reilly Karschner


  40. Oli Overwatch

    I like that girls are getting more into skating, i think its important for the sport in general. It brings a new perspetive to skating, i think new style will definitely emerge because of it.

  41. bowieboiwie woiie owiuebowirboie

    cher is one of my favorite girl skaters

  42. Daniel Harsher

    anyone know what camera they used?

  43. Fabiana's treflip is so cute 🥴

  44. cristofer Skate


  45. love this so much!!

  46. nico gimenez

    gril power (y) nicee

  47. Angela Banda

    Whoo! cant wait to see more like this 😀

  48. Keenan Jules

    this video gave me a sense of nostalgia, and shout outs to our canadian girl lil tubbs.

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