Vitalik JUST Slammed Cardano + Hoskinson Responds

In this video we talk about what Vitalik Buterin said about cardano ada and what charles hoskinson replied and said about ethereum. Cardano news, cardano price prediction, why is cardano going up?, why is cardano going down?

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  1. A Mostly Reasonable Guy

    If you can’t tell from all the other comments, your purposely misleading, clickbait title doesn’t sit well with reasonable people. I won’t be subscribing. I think you’re smart & have talent, but this isn’t the way to go.

  2. Jason Viloria

    I don't even bother with these youtubers anymore. On the occasion that I do click , its always same crap clickbait.

  3. Oleg Chistyakov

    Nobody can slam Cardano. It's impossible. Vitalik is just a simple man. He is not able to slam anything (excepting ETH).

  4. Dont get the heat around the clock biting. As long the content is good, it's okay to make some noise, to get people to watch the video. This how marketing works. Click biting is problem, if its just to make people click and than the content is trash. You can't make boring ass video description and expect people to watch your stuff. It's like a company making a trash commercial and hoping for people to buy the product, even if its a good product. Who would buy an iPhone without the marketing around it?

  5. why does his face look like it's been deep faked

  6. They are both right in their own way

  7. I agree with Etherium, in tech no matter what there are always issues….always

  8. Shame on you, clickbait like this is so bad man….you don't need to do this. Stay humble and stick to the facts, this is misleading and you're bringing negative vibes in this yet so uncertain space….so stupid. Unless it's your intention to create hate…..

  9. Jared Hohman

    Ethereum hack was not a problem with the protocol was a flaw in the smart contract, the same could happen to ADA.

  10. Michel Bisson

    Both will win they are part of the rco system we need to stop being bipolar

  11. yeah, we were listening. how about you repeat another video for us

  12. what is this? youtube arbitrage? lame

  13. Funny cuz in an interview Vitalik said, "fixing ETH's like reconstructing a plane in mid-flight" and then Charles drops the Boeing crash comment. Damn, these dudes are going in on each other. Let's go ADA!!! Also, want to buy Solana. Love the vids my dude

  14. Gerhard Hübner

    Excellent response from Charles Hoskinson and why I prefer Cardano. Security leaks and software errors could destroy the livelihoods of millions of people. The aviation analogy is absolutely justified. Charles does the kind of Systems Engineering thinking that brought men to the moon and which runs today's safety-critical industries.

  15. Reclaim your Health maher

    quality video

  16. Reclaim your Health maher

    Zilliqa has solved all these problmes

  17. Ryan Spencer


  18. Edward Perez

    Gave this a thumbs down, just due to click bait title.

  19. robert sloan

    The bickering between the two becomes irrelevant when you consider neither ADA or ETH can hold a candle to EGLD for speed, scalability, and fees.

  20. Why did i fall for this clickbait lol. They actually have great respect for each other!

  21. Chris Christiansen

    Charles tried to slam him he's a jerk…VB was respectful nice and intelligent. But I get what you meant. Eth slammed dona lol. Great video man..title little misleading but I agree dona=to late to party

  22. Chris Christiansen

    ETH already won. Who almost abd still is only big cap coin that can flip btc? Ya gjob VB!!! I was cardona boy until I realized after more research they DOBT have smart contracts yet…also..Charles is a jerk a total dick in my opinion. Sold my bag of cardona put into eth snd omg even with dip 5x up….so happy GOOO ETHERUEM!

  23. As a single mother crypto trading investment has really helped me pay off many Bill's and I'm very happy…. Really wish I knew about it earlier.

  24. alberto stangarone

    I enjoyed your content, but will unsubscribe due to these misleading/sensationalist titles.

  25. Jamie Walker

    Love vitali but damn bro get some protein 😅

  26. Flare Network is the spoiler. ADA will do well in Africa.

  27. In the earlier part of Lex's interview, Vitalik explains the changes coming for Ethereum and how complex the design, testing, and implementation become when you move from PoW to PoS . In addition, they are trying to radically patch the system to address the scalability problem as well. These are non-trivial programming and logistical tasks which is made more difficult when you have to introduce these massive changes into a production monetary system where even one bug could have catastrophic consequences. To me it looks like a giant kludge to the original design which is why it's taking longer to code and debug. Cardano is addressing all of the Ethereum weaknesses using a fresh, clean design and methodically rolling out new features on a schedule that is realistic. Of the two technologies, Cardano seems to me to have the potential to be the better mousetrap simply because they are designing from scratch, not patching an outdated system. However, Ethereum has a huge head start in terms of developers and applications, so that gives them the advantage right now. Once smart contracts get rolled out in Cardano and developers start to migrate over, then it's just a matter of time before Cardano takes the lead, however you define it.

  28. Charles is a grifter and Cardano is vaporware

  29. Brandon Basso

    Damnit Benson, no click bait shit. I watch your videos on the regular, don’t exaggerate.

  30. This title is a lie. I trusted the quality of your content. Those click baits may get you more new suscribers. But please have respect for your older ones.

  31. Clickbait Crap!

  32. Lying again!…

  33. Stop posting Clickbait titles. He didnt slam anyone! Have some respect instead of fishing for Views.

  34. Jackedup Gaming

    I am a massive fan of Charles – I just do not understand how he cannot afford a better camera xD

  35. Clickbait….

  36. Olufemi Steven

    I believe in both project tho, I have ADA and ETH on my atomicwallet. And I'm holding all till I get huge profit on it.

  37. Not sure, but I'm pretty sure for $yfdai

  38. There's no battle

  39. Jebediah Ironwall

    I'm poor as hell and honestly people don't appreciate arts so much anymore to busy wapping or what ever the fuck cardio b says. Alt coins are a long shot that actually could pay off plus fuck bamks

  40. Jebediah Ironwall

    Charles seems like a decent dude not down with big banks and a few controlling our finances. I got nothing but Ada and shit I only need 20 grand to do what I want for my family so cardano is my hail Mary

  41. Wack title

  42. Joseph Atcha

    clickbait BS

  43. What is with crypto twats and their fake clickbait titles. He never slammed him

  44. They both wins

  45. Jake Robinson

    Benson Crypto would like to slam into Hoskinson that's for sure.

  46. Brenden Crypto

    Come on now my dude, much like everyone else has said, lets maintain our dignity and credibility. We should be pushing for them to work together and grow together. You get more bees with honey then you do with vinegar. Lets push and cultivate positivity, we will all win even more then!

  47. Very interesting debate and prospective on these two projects. I think Ada will definitely close the gap. Thanks for this video good work

  48. Mr.Dragon Crypto

    An example of the consequences of Vitalik's way would be like the recent round of video games coming out half complete, buggy, and pisses off your fans/customers. Or you could go Charles way and put out a Skyrim, that has replay value ten years later.

  49. Unfortunately, clickbait Titles gets more views, other than that, good video

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