Wall Street's Influence on Bitcoin – Price, Manipulation, Bakkt, Fidelity, & JP Morgan

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Can Wall Street save Bitcoin? Or is Wall Street to blame for price manipulation? What will the impact of Bakkt, Fidelity, the Bitcoin ETF and more be on Bitcoin?


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  1. When investigation prove that bitcoin had been propped up using other crypto money, $0 will be the bottom. Institutions investors are accumulating? It should be scammers are propping.

  2. bakkt is gonna be disastrous for crypto as they will lend out btc through fractional reserve system. thus 21 million cap would no longer matter.

  3. tether pumped btc to 20,000. thus this is going to be 4 year bear market.

  4. yes, we just need to show Wall Street a 1k BTC as a starting point and hope they like that entry point.
    If not, we can dump down further for them. $700 should be our final offer point though.

  5. Why would they want a lower and middle class of minorities and young lazy millennials have as much money as the filthy rich?? Technically doing nothing but waiting greedley!lol the transfer in wealth cant happen when you can print tether in the billions buying and selling Bitcoin at a loss. The markets been shorted before more tether printed..more btc they can sell at loss..with no loss eccept electronic bill of printing half trillion tether in less than ten years

  6. What is your strategy? Get in now or wait for Bacckt to officially kick in first? They could delay launch date indefinitely in order to keep accumulating…

  7. Wall Street, the men in the ties are here to lie..Could be rough but we have no choice, do we? , Unlike wall street, BTC does not discriminate, bring it on! .Thanks for the update, Crypto Lark. Woop Whoop

  8. Did I spot a Whitepaper Edition Ledger Nano S on your shelf? Good catch man!

  9. Unfortunately BTC will have to go through all these bakkterial infectious things to prove both its hardness and the promise of being the stuff of independence that individuals will be able to acquire through all kinds of weather.

  10. From a long term investor mindset, I believe that “catalysts” such as an ETF, Bakkt or Fidelity are extremely important, but they won’t have a short term price impact. Once launched and the price stays stagnant, that will cause weak money to leave again, which means another critical buying opportunity for the patient. Once the price gets to new highs, this window of opportunity will be long gone

  11. Good guys or bad guys.. I just want to experience a bull run from the start instead of beginning on the top of one. They may pump the money any day now 🙂

  12. Although all the centralised "products" wall street will offer will be a complete anathema to the Bitcoin ethos the overall effect will be positive.

  13. Always thought government and wallstreet intervention is best left out with crypto for this exact same reason. Wall streets history has always been toxic when they get involved. Manipulation will now greatly increase and the richer will continue to get richer.

    Hopefully people will get some kind of gain out of hodl'ing.

  14. I've always wondered: Why are American institutions so keen to get a hold of the WHOLE BTC trade? I mean, China has the mining in their pockets, the EU has the ICOs and Foundations sorted, Korea and Japan have the regulations done… yet the USA wants the Markets for themselves. Why so much unreasonable greed?

  15. One word only: SHORT…. They will and can short every time the rest of us start dreaming of lambos 😀

  16. Its funny how.. if you tell this theory to people.. or make the arguments.. they tell you to put on a foil hat.. :/ its the age of conspiracy and everyone is always willing to believe or totally neglect it.. difficult times 🙁

  17. Bakkt and ETFs will bring all the criminality of the old system into cryptos. I hope they don't get approval.

  18. Thanks. You make excellent points Lark! Never thought about this before.
    These guys want to grow the market, and make tons of money along the way.
    So, they will have done risk vs reward studies and expect the market to develop a lot further.

  19. Once sure thing, algorithm trading bots have been in the space for a while now constantly beating the market with huge orders and they are tools only used by a financial elite. Not the same tool as the bots used by regular people.

  20. Definitely one of your best.
    The big fish are hungry and to the fools who sold at these low prices haha