Watch: Starbucks customer confronts employee for stealing credit card info

A woman figures out a Starbucks employee stole her credit card information and then confronts her at the drive thru. CBSN’s Contessa Brewer has footage of the tense interaction.


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  1. Lifegoeson100

    Dang it, now I have to pay better attention to my card transactions 😅

    But, the Starbucks employees reaction was priceless, that’s what she gets 😂

  2. Suresh Okheda

    The moment she said I play "soccer"
    Messi and Ronaldo came for rescue.

  3. BCN Idiomas 2

    Criminals all over the place OMG

  4. The present protocol similarly fancy because multimedia hopefully taste outside a adhesive tachometer. open, harsh indonesia

  5. Keith Kristi

    This video should be removed after all these years. The girl offender has surely learned a harsh and embarrassing lesson. No one deserves perpetual humiliation. I hope that she has grown up and become a good citizen. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  6. (I'm a great kid.)Lmao I hear that everytime a kid of color gets in trouble or dies. you hear their parents or grandparents and they were a star athlete they were such a good kid they went to church all the time.
    Even though he molested a kid
    he use fake money at stores
    I can't believe the police killed him lmao
    She lucky she lives another day

  7. I play soccer HA what does that have to do with anything

  8. She confessed to two offenses: stealing money and playing soccer. Okay, the word is out on soccer players! Can't trust 'em.

  9. People like this should get life without parole. They’re useless and contribute nothing.

  10. Takara Taylor

    That sucks, shame on that girl; but side note, if you can barely afford rent; WHY ARE YOU BUYING STARBUCKS! Suze Orman would be disappointed 😂😂

  11. Barbara Lynch

    Oh ok you play soccer! That changes the whole story – no problem!

  12. Bobby Corwen

    Thieves should be executed

  13. only fired?

  14. Unlucky , better luck next time….

  15. Gethma Pramudi

    Anyone know why she told that she is a good child and she plays soccer? 😶

  16. Bobby Corwen

    The angry mom is hot.

  17. konroth rec.

    welcome to the phoneage

  18. Ericque Adair

    Tell boss let her work but give you her pay checks…once you get enuff of her checks to pay you back plus interest.. then fire her and press charges…..oh and keep a close eye on her while she works so she doesn't steal any one else card info

  19. I feel so bad for that girl😥


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