Week 11- Live Funded Forex Trading Account 5%ers – Trading Vlog

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In this video, I share an update on my live funded Forex trading account with the 5%ers. As well as a recap on all trades that I took this week and some big …


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  1. Don't worry if you don't succeed the first time its quite common.. i failed after 2 attempts first time because of carelessness aka bad risk management and second time the market was choppy so i stayed away and didn't take enough trades therefore my account was terminated. Didn't reach the target by 2 months..i had gone for the aggressive approach…lets just say 3rd time was the charm and I'm now on 80K….so don't stress it will work out in the end…By the way as a scalper maybe you should have gone for the aggressive as leverage is 30:1

  2. Hi Emily, quick question, I notice your doing your analysis via Trading View and data from OANDA and then you have to enter your trades via MT5 for 5%ers using thier brokerage data. do you find the two data sets comparable? i.e the OHLC for each candle are they similar?

  3. Chin up – Less is more in trading. Maybe take some 0.01's on a couple of trades to get your confidence and build some momentum

  4. My biggest problems are also atrades out of boredom. Because often you sit down you analyse and then when nothing happens you easily fall into the gamer mode where you just want to play.

  5. A 13000 account leveraged at 1:6 is the same as a 520 account leveraged at 1:150. If you can't touch the rest of the 13000, it's just useless zeros added to the end. No?

  6. Try and use the higher time frames. The lower time frames messes with emotions. 28 currency pairs 4 hour time frame is perfect balance of not over trading and a life style. Currently perfecting my strategy before I approach a prop firm

  7. Why do you trade forex instead of stocks? Are you more lucrative with forex than stock trading?

  8. Not taking a trade is also a trading decision. You have to consider your primary mandate as protecting your capital, and not seeing a good trade and sitting on the sidelines is a decision. A defensive position, maybe, but think of how going on tilt after one bad trade makes things worse.

    You need to be focusing more on those prime trades, as you say. And I’d suggest taking only the one trade per day or session, at least if you’re intraday trading like me.

  9. love your channel i too got minced by the markets this week lol i'm going to join WB trading for mechanical trading and the trading room plus for technical analysis then FTMO or 5% 's best of both worlds William Brown really know his onions 🙂

  10. Hey, You should check out Audacity as a prop firm. If you fail with 5%ers I tried 5%ers and thought that 5% dd was to stressful.

  11. Thx for your transparency. I have learnt somethings from your experience. This same week I have learnt not to change my stop loss unless I just took a sizeable profit.

  12. I have a question..were u profitable before taken the challenge? If yes then you made some bad mistakes and if no then you should have wait for it

  13. OMG..The internet broke down!… What a Tough week. Wondering if it's the way the the universe or some cosmic force is trying to tell you to wind up for the day ? I hope you recover from this like the pheonix bird and save your 5er account

  14. Forex investment controls a huge part of my passive income, I invest big and my profits are even bigger, courtesy of my broker Mrs Annie thomas

  15. Don't worry Emily ….
    Our mistakes and loss will make us strong and give is experience to win…