Westworld Season 1 and 2 Opening Credits Comparison

A side by side comparison of Westworld season 1 and 2 opening credits.

Season 1, 2 and 3 comparison: https://youtu.be/y-3YW95b5RA


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  1. House of Gamers

    Season 1, 2 and 3 comparison: https://youtu.be/y-3YW95b5RA

  2. I swear to god when I saw the name Gustaf Skarsgård on the Screen.. it was the happiest moment of my life

  3. This main theme music, composed of four parts, is a complete story.
    These parts, which are divided into solo parts and chord parts, are combined with videos and show a really complete story summary.

  4. Bander Snatch

    S01 is the best to me.

  5. Wallace dos Santos

    0:32 The fact that this is out of time bothers me so fucking much. Precisely 250ms that I have to adjust every time in my player

  6. These comments are basically my English teacher analysing poetry all over again

  7. Stella Maris

    These violent delights have violent ends…

  8. El Mundo de Eloy

    Solo el intro ya es una obra de arte…

  9. Nessie Andrew

    Yup, this is art.

  10. Gustavo Adolfo Guardado


  11. Underwater hat or badass outlaw?

  12. Thanks for this video!!

    I prefer the second season intro because it’s less raunchier.
    Jus sayin

  13. Marinos Pitsillos

    I love that season 2 includes that mother and baby thing

  14. tycho goedhart

    I wonder if fallout 4 stole the synth factory bath thingy from westworld or the other way around

  15. Leandra Fidalgo

    This video just made nostalgic.. Now I really want to rewatch Westworld all over again… 😌😌

  16. Abdelaal Ahmed

    اجمل نغمه في العالم

  17. WhiteWolf496

    Season 2's hands annoy me.

  18. Producción En Línea

    Fucking beautiful

  19. Sissou-senpai

    The 2 are not the identic instrument

  20. Arambhi Krut

    Sometimes i think it's worth paying the ridiculous high charges for hbo just for their intros…

  21. At the end of season 1 opening, the synthetic being is submerged in white (still a slave to the humans). At the end of season 2 opening, we are the ones underwater (we are now the slaves) watching from below the synthetic being emerge out of the water, no longer under our control. Evolution has run its course and we're no longer the dominant species. "They" rule now.

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