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Today’s News: Cardano & Bitcoin Dips | Important Lesson for Newcomers

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  1. Hey I’m new to crypto and many people telling me to put money on XRP while I have been watching your videos and find it interesting … what do you suggest I put my money in XRP or harmony?

  2. Solid advise and those new to the space would benefit from watching this.

  3. If your cash your never worried. Wait for a 60 percent retracement to be happy…

  4. There’s people teaching you to do 3X leverage on ADA on FTX expecting a 5X with 3X leverage = 15X lol like it’s that easy

  5. I am a noob and I learned a lot from this video, Thanks for the bitter truth brah. Appreciate it. I will not be rushing on from now, I bought my Cardano with my whole 3k$ wallet, and now i am stuck, anyways iam holding onto it.

  6. Why don’t you speak about Terra Luna ecosystem? They are going in Top 10!

  7. Coinbase Pro would not let me buy ADA during the launch at market price. Kept getting error message. They would only let me set a limit price above $1.70. When it started to drop, I tried to sell market price, but again received error message when trying to sell at market price. Something very fishy with that manipulation.

  8. George, no matter what you teach the noobs there will be chasing the 50% pump! Its human nature to be greedy. BTW, we need someone to buy our coins when we have 2x gains. If nobody chase the price will never go up then it will be a boring market !

  9. Funny thing is, I stopped buying ADA at 20 cents because it was so much higher than my dollar cost average. 😂

  10. Lots of solid support for STPT recently. Likely to go 10x over the next couple of months and won't get dumped on by whales.

  11. what happens? just watch the news, not charts, no one can beat or predict the market, daaa

  12. Great video! Thank you for making this easy to understand for newcomers. Subbed, liked, and shared!

  13. If you look at even wider shot of Cardano it been going down for a long time since Maryhardfork only last few days it move up a bit.

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  15. lol I legitimately told everyone it was going to dump that morning, people were tripping out saying it was gonna pump when it got listed but the pump already happened the 2 days before that. This ALWAYS happens with hype and rumors with the whales.