What if You Exhausted PUA or PEUC Already? – Georgia Unemployment Benefits Update

What if You Exhausted PUA or PEUC Already? – Georgia Unemployment Benefits Update

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  1. Also guys I received my 300$ weekly boost as of today

  2. Mann I have not gotten payed for 3 weeks now I have made my claims for the past 3 weeks like I normally due they said I had claim a Saturdays date n I did and still after that havint gottin payed that's 1500 I just got evicted beacouse I count on that $500 weekly so now I have no where to go with my wife n kids because they owe me 1500 I could of got new place with that

  3. Any updates???

  4. Sramana Chanda

    Hello myself Jayanta and I have miss claim 01/02/2021 but claim up to 01/16/2021 after that I haven't claim now I want to know how I get my pua again?

  5. Emori Landon

    Hi! My effective date for my pua is 02/02/2020, which means my claim will expire next week. Do I need to re-apply now or will it actually change when they start paying me the pua on February 1st?

  6. Hi Matt! Just discovered your awesome channel! I have a question, was denied GA Unemployment, which I dont understand how? The PUA, will I auto get that? Not sure about process. Please help!
    Thank you!

  7. I have question if l am eligible to federal aid because l have 3 kids and I can’t join a job because they are at home stay at home plz give a answer Thank you

  8. SASHA Howard

    Great job 👏

  9. hammer head sharklatto

    Please help! My peuc balance hit 0 last week and saw the 11 week extension on my balance. But when looking at my summary this morning the extra $300 FPUC isn’t on my summary for this week!! It says only the regular amount will be deposited tonight. Ik you said it will still be eligible for the $300 extra 🙁 so is there any way to find out why it didn’t send the extra 300 the same week my 11 week extension happened ? 🙏🏼I got the extra 300 for the first two weeks of 2021 before my peuc balance hit 0

  10. Jose Martinez

    I exhausted my PUA but now the system seems to have erased my claim and is asking me to make a new claim as if I never made one before. Should I file a new claim or wait until the option to extend pops up? Any help would be greatly appreciated as the PA PUA staff never answer their phones or emails

  11. follow no man

    Matt please check and see if you can earn up to $300 a week and still get your unemployment in Georgia…. Many are saying if you claim the week and earn more than your benefit amount you will owe

  12. jaren burton

    Hi my guy could you please hit me up somehow I have so many questions

  13. BecomingBrie

    If your pua benefits were exhausted in Nov. Do you open a new claim or just wait ??

  14. you amazing! you are helping so many people! Thank you!

  15. Thank you Matt, that's just the info i need.

  16. Shirmya Jnofinn

    I was approved for the program and thought I had to reapply and now it put me in regular UI employment status. Will I get back converted to PUA ?

  17. paradise1897

    I applied before my previous benefits fully ran out, now I don't have the remaining $500 and none of the new claims money. The new claim says benefits exhausted. I'm not sure what to do.

  18. Andre Harris

    I try to claim mine..it's say that option not available at the moment

  19. Kay Squad videos

    I’m confused should I not do anything? So I should just wait for them to roll over my Benefits?

  20. Matt can u help me..I'm at 34 weeks..I'm not able to request payments after 12/26/20 but my portal shows my weeks been updated..what does that mean?

  21. Fox Can you help me please with my PUA??? I did Request Weekly PUA Payment throuth "MY UI" start from 12/26/21 maybe i'm doing something wrong i did't resive the money yet and my page on "MY UI" looks the same like after Future PUA Exhaustion Alert.


    Hey Matt & All, Just sharing…my sister did get her $300×2 + $149×2 = $898.00 for the first 2 weeks in January after exhausting her pua in December…deposit dropped today in GA. They did update her account for continued benefits. I hope this info helps 👍🏾

  23. Betsy Wheeler

    Thanks for the update. Still nothing for me anyone got the extension yet?

  24. My SEB was approved last Tuesday but today when I check it’s not showing up I don’t understand as well as other people.

  25. Lithario Wright

    First off thx for the videos. Chk this out everyone I got the $600 stimulus, the $252 + $125 weekly I always get, but I only got the extra $252 one time so far bc I chked this morning 01/12/21 and all I saw was my usual $125 and not the additional $252 with it. Now from what you were saying “Matt”, it’s suppose to be deposited until March. So does anyone else have this problem or is everyone else still getting the weekly $252 + your normal weekly payments 💰? I am located in GA btw Please help, thx

  26. Marvin Stodghill

    They said I'm eligible for the money got it on last week now this week my Seb is gone my remaining balance is 0 I need to know what happened ?

  27. MultiMona101

    Do you need to file new claim for pua if you don’t get it anything since nov ?

  28. This is a frustrating process it makes you want to give up because all we continue to hear is the money coming but meanwhile our unemployment seems like it’s never coming. The new stimulus bill is just trash not to mention I haven’t even received a second stimulus check #iHateItHere 😩

  29. Bigole. Pappy

    Pt. 3: Claimants should not file a new claim if they have exhausted benefits, but should continue to request weekly payments. The GDOL will update claimants on next steps as soon as the guidance is received and programming changes are implemented.

    Pt. 2: The GDOL is still receiving federal guidance on programming the 11-week extension for over 239,000 claimants who exhausted PEUC and PUA benefits on or before week-ending date 12/26/20.

    Pt. 1: If you have exhausted your benefits, do not file a new claim. This will not expedite your payments. We're still receiving federal guidance on programming the extension for those claimants who have exhausted PEUC and PUA benefits on or before week-ending date 12/26/20.

    Got this off of GDOL Twitter. Hope this helps!

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