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My name’s Cavin Jacobs. I’m with RingIQ.com and one of the questions that we get asked a lot is what is called tracking and how does call tracking work? Let me share my screen with you here. I will go over a quick overview of how call tracking software works and hopefully it explains it a little better. OK, so inside of the RingIQ dashboard, you can search for phone numbers that you want to use for each one of your advertising campaigns.

In this example, you can see I’ve got four local call tracking phone numbers and I’ve got four different campaigns that I have attached each phone number to. You can see I’ve got Google, Facebook, a magazine ad and postcard mailer. Now, as we start receiving incoming sales calls from these ads. Ring I.Q. looks at how you specified that you wanted to route your phone calls, You basically have three different call routing options.

The first one is to ring multiple numbers,. You can add one or as many employees as you want to and his or her cell phone or landline. With this option all these phones will ring at the same time until somebody picks up the phone.

The second option the round robin. So in this example, call #1 will go to employee #1, call #2 goes to employee #2, call #3 goes to employee #3. then when you run out of employees in this example, call #4 will route back around to employee #1 and the system will cycle through the list of employees again.

Now the 3rd option is to use a Custom IVR. You can set this up any way that you want to, and it basically prompts a caller to interact with their keypad on their phone. In this example, I set it up so if the caller presses one, it’ll be routed to whatever sales numbers you want. Keypad option #2 will be to get a quote. Keypad option #3 will be to set an appointment with you.

Down below, you can see some additional options.

Custom Call Recordings: You can record any and all incoming calls and listen to him later if you want to. You can customize any other recordings, whether it’s voice mail, your custom IVR, or call recorded notice.

Use the Blacklist: You have the option to check all incoming calls against our spam list. So if a caller is a known spammer or robo caller and you’re using this feature, it will hang up on them instantly and not disturb you or your employees.

After Hour Call Routing: You have the option to also set up custom after hours routing. If you have employees after hours that want to take phone calls, you can send after our calls to them as long as their schedule is on duty. You can also specify a unique voice mail for your after hour voicemail.

Unlimited Employees: You also have the option to add unlimited employees.

Custom Call Whisper Recording: You can add a custom call whisper to your incoming calls. The call whisper is what is heard on your end when you pick up and incoming phone call. It’ll be something like you have an income and sales call from your Facebook ad or your postcard, and it just lets you know where the call is coming from.

If you want a copy of this PDF, I’m going to put a link in the description, you can also contact us by calling or going to RingIQ.com and using the live chat.


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