What Schumer JUST Said | Fourth Stimulus Check Update | Job Data Drops Stock Market Explained

Will there be a fourth stimulus check or is the 4th stimulus check dead on arrival covered in today’s update. Senator Chuck Schumer wants to vote on two bill very soon. Says he will pass the physical infrastructure bill and then unlock at democrat only bill where democrats can add everything they want. Well 80+ want s 4th stimulus check. Mitch McConnell said democrats can pass all they want and spend all they want but when it hurts americans in their wallets and taxes they will remember it was the democrats that made this happen. A 4th stimulus check is absolutely possible as democrats control all areas of the Federal Government. Why is the stock market dropping? Well covid worry and too many jobs and not enough employees.

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– Fourth Stimulus Check Update
– Important Updates From Congress
– The Stock Market
– Child tax credit 2021
– IRS tax refunds
– Student Loan Forgiveness
– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th & 5th Stimulus Check Update
– Unemployment tax situation
– President Biden’s Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill
– President Biden’s American Families Plan
– Life Insurance
– Home Loans
– Silver and Gold investing
– Dividend Paying Stocks

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  1. Stephen Gardner

    24 winners in the new $3000 giveaway yourbridgeplan.com/money-contest
    Will Schumer keep his promise to include everything Democrats want?
    Stay AMAZING!!! and thanks for being Subscribed to my YouTube community.

  2. Kathy Bryson

    No door to door. Biden is the worst President.

  3. Kathy Bryson

    There was no stimulus talked about in the plan. Until you know for sure, you should not keep saying this everyday. My husband's hrs are getting cut; we need another stimulus. While people with kids get 300.00 each. It is so horrible not to have enough food. Stop saying it until you know it is in the plan.

  4. No they don't. It's none of their business if I've been vaccinated.

  5. Debbie Barker


  6. My daughter has the same baby Yoda

  7. Becly Hansen

    I pay for food first. I don't go out to eat. No movies. Back to being broke. Just use to it.

  8. No not right

  9. Rebecca Haggard

    The government has no right to ask me about my health information! HIPPA…..

  10. Geraldine lynn Martz

    No government has no right because I boost my immune system with 15 natural products & vit d 3 presents deaths & I am.certified nutritionist with lot solutions so its none of their business & couple teens died already & I listen to videos by best drs saying don't do vaccaine I research others don't even know ingredients like sleep followers 😢it's slowly becoming communist here in usa we need freedom to choose isn't that what usa is freedom???

  11. christine koukotos

    I don't answer my door…just like I don't answer my phone. Too many scammers.

  12. Michael Levick

    The feds do NOT have the right to ask if we’ve been vaccinated,… screw’em

  13. Steve Taylor

    Hell no I don't think they have the right to do that

  14. David Martin

    Hell no they don't have any right to do that none of their damn business

  15. Where do I go to but stocks, please let me know. Thanks

  16. Julie Corral

    There Alot of. Home. Less. Right. Now. What. Be done. Like. Right. Now

  17. Julie Corral


  18. MinNoEstoysola

    No they do not have the right. I wonder what the hidden agenda is, that they are so insistent? Because I don't think its just about health. They have been stalling so much about the stimulous chks. Does not conquer with caring about the people.

  19. Ashley Spriggs

    NO it's against HIPPA and no one has a right to know your health information.

  20. No…the Gov. Has no rights to know.
    We American has the right to choose what is to put in your body…..especially if a person has an allergies to any kind of medications. And not knowing what is really inside the vaccine.

  21. Raul J. Sarabia JR

    Federal employees do not have the right to collect medical information. Federal employees are responsible to get society to conduct wellness for the economy and societies wellness. They can ask but citizens may still be skeptical to use a vaccine. The only way visible to fight the pandemic is to get herd immunity with vaccination. Or live in fear of 🦠.Realize we need to participate and the federal branch needs to be proactive about caring for us so we can conduct everyday push for peace and prosperity. 🙏

  22. Margaret Thompson

    Us Americans ( senior citizens) need money bad, because everything is going up and we can't afford gas for our vehicles and we can't afford to pay our bills, what are you people trying to do to us, because this is B.S. if I could get a job I would, but I am not able to because I have stage 4 cancer, yeah I know!!!!! You don't give a crap about people like me

  23. Margaret Thompson

    That is B.S. that is not right, we need money as well, y'all say about the money where it is going, but y'all don't say anything about us senior citizens that is not right at all

  24. Margaret Thompson

    What about us senior citizens?? We don't get any money at all?? When we are on low income ?? That is b

  25. Patricia Stratton

    No its a private personal choice

  26. Teresa Burch


  27. Yolunda Rivers

    Thank you Jesus.no they don't have the right,to be in a person business,they can't make scare everyone,God Got His Bride.Abba Father Is In Totally Control Of Everyone,man is out of control,an GOD.is Totally In Control.Thank You, Blessings to you MOGan your House…

  28. Prince William

    I didn’t know that investing in crypto and stocks can change my life for good, as i saw comments about Ms Amelia here on YouTube, I decided to give her a try of $1,000, and after a week I got a Profit of $8,599 as a beginner, isn’t that fair enough??!.

  29. Gilbert Ramirez

    All B.S. talk . . Just to get attention. . Nothing important is said . All B.S.

  30. Joyce Valdez

    No they don't it's not their business

  31. Can you tell me how many stimulus checks were issued? I am sending a tracker to IRS and I want to be accurate?

  32. Sally Brandt

    Steven I think the air crew did the right thing for all the others

  33. No it is my health business not theirs

  34. Maddy Ukjent

    Dems wont keeo theiur word…it aint worth anything

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