What to Expect at a Mental Hospital or Addiction Rehab

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What’s it like being admitted to a mental hospital or an inpatient addiction rehab program? Lauren Hardy, author of the Mental Health Treatment Circle blog, provides details.
Admission to Inpatient Mental Health or Addiction Treatment – http://ow.ly/y3IZQ
Psychiatric Hospitalization Information – http://ow.ly/y3DDy
Drug Rehab Center: Inpatient Drug Rehab, Drug Rehab Cost – http://ow.ly/y3DJL
Alcoholism Rehab: Time for an Alcohol Treatment Center? – http://ow.ly/y3DMU
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  1. I have depression and I self harm 🙁
    I think I want to tell my school counselor about my depression and hopefully one day I'll be ok to tell my parents but my mom would probably hate me more than she already does and my dad would get mad because that's what happened when my aunt got depression and self harmed

  2. ive been to a lot of those ive even snuck weed into one and had a fun smoke break lol but i got 9 months clean from meth and heroin