What's behind the collapse of Chinese property development giant Evergrande? | DW News

China Evergrande, once the country’s second-largest real estate developer, is drowning in debt. Some 1.5 million people have put deposits on new homes that …


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  1. ammonghedion

    german central banks

  2. Nelson Silva

    How’s this any different to other debt run economies with broke institutions which are keep being afloat by investors and governments?

  3. Somebody didn't get what they asked for

  4. Exactly, Evergrande's resolved debt issues are nothing compared to the US 28 trillion debt.

  5. This bubble is much bigger than you can imagine

  6. first minute title shows investors protesting, but hold on a second, westerners always say that Chinese people are not allowed to protest. Oh, maybe I should better be a normal brainless sheep that listen to whatever has been told to the herd.

  7. Leland Velasco


  8. Yosaf Mehmet

    lmao another episode of western lowlife dreaming about china's collapse

  9. Chris Greene

    How many Western investors piled money into the Chinese economy? Big pension funds may take a hit

  10. Pól Réamonn

    The collapsing buildings might be playing a part in all this

  11. Hope the bubble of real estate of SF Bay Area can also break

  12. I think everybody saw this coming. The number of ghost towns being built. It's debt building artificial economy for years if not a decade or more.

  13. Jocelyn Joseph

    The council commonly trusts labor too heavily without due consideration for present issues: climate change, CO2 rise, etc, etc.
    The Soviet has been more sensitive and cautious🙁.

  14. Labour will get the blame for this one too

  15. Ricky Winthrop



  17. Roger Dodger

    They sure caught up to Capitalism FAST!!

  18. Cristian Cairo

    The next one will be Turkey

  19. gillette match 3

    wrf? a chinese company with a name wich is half english half spanish?

  20. China not allow development of outsiders

  21. Baerchenization

    Nobody is living in those hovels anyway, China has to stop. They have 60 million empty residential properties. So you can basically house all of Germany in China's unoccupied flats ! Completely unsustainable.

  22. When Communism tries to copy capitalism

  23. Now there will be global financial crisis

  24. Real root of EVIL, Greed.

  25. How come this Comoany the Biggest Property Developer in the world is called Evrrgrsde andcthe Biggedt Ship in the world that blocked the Suaz Cansl was called the Evergiven.
    What's with all the Evers ?
    Very Strange

  26. Nothing is too big to fail!

  27. It’s insane they can get this much loan with so little liquitable asset. This is bound to happen when the property value does not increase or sales slows. Their ability to pay back loan is solely based on projections that they will sell property at much higher price

  28. If the Chinese government was all that concerned, they would bail them out. Why do you need a developer who builds EMPTY CONDO BUILDINGS AND RENTAL PROPERTIES?

  29. Wandering Knight

    As long as governments can step in an print money what’s there to worry about.

  30. Mmr Marcu -Subiect


  31. Scottie Lambert

    Greed never ever works long term. It never works. Not sure why as a species we cannot grasp this.

  32. Tofu dreg

  33. I am not sure why everyone is comparing this to Lehman brothers when the issues faced by both of these companies are completely different. Lehman Brothers failed because it was a hedge fund with massively over-leveraged positions in financial assets while Evergrande is property development firm with quite a lot of debt (like many other companies). However, the company has about 220 billion in land that could essentially be sold to pay down its debt. If Evergrande can get some cash flow into its physical assets, the company can finish its development projects, sell them and start paying down debt. The company may need to scale back, and sell some of its land so it can cover its debt service and consolidate its holdings so that they start treading water again.

  34. Investing in china – really smart🙄

  35. Pietro Puzzafiga

    Colapse bankrupt of evergrande spread econômica crisis in whole econômica sector , starting stock market.

  36. Somehow I doubt this will lead to anything

  37. Jajajajaajajaja

  38. rockyscarlet

    As it covid wasn't enough

  39. Graham Butterworth

    China is so good at copying America they even copy their stupidity………impressive.

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