When?!? $1,400 Stimulus Check – SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA

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When?!? $1400 stimulus check, SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA
when will the $1400 stimulus check arrive for Social Security, SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA, RRB. When will the third stimulus check arrive for Social Security, Social Security retirement, Social Security disability, SSDI, SSI, VA and our RV beneficiaries. Everybody is wondering, when will the third stimulus check, $1400 stimulus check arrive at four Social Security, SSA, SSDI, SSI, VA and RRB beneficiaries. These groups are continuously waiting, which is unfair and the $1400 stimulus check has not arrived for so many people in these groups. It is unfortunate and very frustrating as many people need to know this information. This is a stimulusupdate, Stimulus Check update, third stimulus check update, $1400 stimulus check update, stimulus package update, and third stimulus check update. This is a $1400 stimulus check update, SSDI stimulus check update, Ssa stimulus check update, SSI stimulus check update, $1400 SSDI stimulus check update, $1400 SSI stimulus check update, $1400 Social Security stimulus check update. This is a Social Security stimulus check update, SSDI stimulus check update, SSI stimulus check update, Social Security third stimulus check update, SSDI third stimulus check update, SSI third stimulus check update. When will SSDI get the third stimulus check? When will Social Security get the third stimulus check? When will SSI get the third stimulus check? All of these are questions that we need answers to and additional transparency.
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  1. GLORY TO GOD! My payment is scheduled for March 24th! Praying that everyone remain calm and watch and see how God blesses you with your payment:)!!

  2. Hi Matt,
    I have two questions for you. Have you heard anything about the $200.00 per month for social security receipents? Also what can you tell us about the 4th stimulus package?
    The in advance for your response.
    Donna & Conrad frank

  3. The Irs.gov page is currently unavailable , I just checked and as usual ..always an obstacle to hop around, Maybe the updating of SSA info that was used to block 30 t0 50 million stimulus payments. As Matt says Wednesday is coming again …..again and again….

  4. The irs said they would continue to get $1400 pmts out through the end of t year

  5. I just read that t it's is not doing anymore direct deposits after March 24th. What's up with that

  6. Hey Matt!
    A BIGTHANKS for keeping hope alive during this difficult time.
    Letting you know that I received the stimulus blessing on March 25 at midnight.
    No pending notice, no payment date.
    Only a statement from the IRS stating that stimulus checks will be directly deposited into bank accounts on Wednesday March 24 2021.
    I'm grateful for your persistence in telling all of us to hang in there despite not getting nothing at all
    Peace Love and hugs
    In return for helping us to see the light during these difficult times.
    Thank you, Tom Clark Jefferson City, MO

  7. I just want to know when we're going to get the money on our Direct Express Card I need to let my electric company know when I'm going to receive it where I know if I can pay my electric bill

  8. Today is 24th, nothing pending on my direct express card, probably gonna get it on third and first , like normal, they keep lying just to get likes.

  9. Hey there matt the irs. Need 2 take down that website it doesn't work at all delect it okay

  10. I'm on Social security and got mine today in my account. I just wanted to give people hope it is coming. GOD Bless

  11. Disability here
    Nothing every time
    Why do they wait to give the ones that need.help the most. Our Government does not care about us. So many people I know that I have job. It's getting very old waiting on our government. They should have had our money back in December.

  12. Still no deposit on my direct express card once again lied to again imam notngetting hopeful over getting any stimulus payment tired of promise after promise it is all b.s because that's Nall the government is

  13. I wonder why they can't at least give some kind of ball park figure so that we will know when it's likely to arrive!! I'm on SSI & have direct deposit. In the last stimulus, I got the money the day after the bill was passed! Now it's been a couple of weeks & I'm starting to think it will never arrive! The stimulus website is pretty much worthless. I've checked there several times & it always says not available!

  14. Hey there chase isnt saying nothing about the stimulus check Wednesday the 24 the irs. Is miss leading the public & that's very wrong that is like u tease a dog with something & then u pull it back

  15. Hey there sir I'm been trying 2 reach irs. & it keep saying the same thing not available okay

  16. Hello Matt sorry I was busy for a few days with birthday parties for my niece

  17. I am still waiting on my tax return it was accepted Feb 12. Missing stimulus payments. I did everything I was supposed to
    Nothing. If I ever do get my money how long will it take to get the $1400? If anyone can help or has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

  18. Yes just a little way for them to cover their butt and not have to deal with this…. But I think the best thing is to wait patiently and know it's kind of hard but.. Thank you Matt. You rock

  19. 3/22/2021,,,,I'm retired and don't file a income tax. And I haven't received my Stimulus checks yet

  20. Thank you,Matt for standing with us.You go the extra mile for all of us,I really appreciate it.I turn to you for anything on this.Thank you

  21. Our government is not on track .ssa.ssi.ssdi and no date.is a bunch of crap.the ones who need it the most .no money to pay our bills. Wake up at the white house. What a promise you made.i voted for you to get America back from the last dirt bag.

  22. I use E-file to file for earn credit of 1800, IRS has made it very difficult after received the filing. I found that I can not register or logon to their website. I am sure I was able to in Jan after filing for Earn credit. No matter what I did, the site claim there is NO matching record. Finally on March 17, they sent a letter saying I have to VERIFY through IRS Verify as if they have no clue that I can NOT do that, I would have done it already if that worked. Then I call the number as they said if all else failed. NO ONE answer the phone, I left a return call, the return call was automated and it routed to the TOLL Free NUMber again, The TOLL Free always says they are NOT able to handle my call, call back tomorrow or other time. I am sure they are playing HIDE AND SEEK ON PURPOSE.