When will the $1,400 Stimulus Checks Arrive? [New Timing]

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Joe Biden reveals his new stimulus check plan live. $2,000 checks, unemployment pay, rental relief, mortgage forbearance, and more. The American Recovery Plan is a $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus relief package and includes third stimulus checks of $1,400. When is the third stimulus check expected to arrive? The end of February or mid March.

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An update on Biden’s new stimulus check package and $2,000 stimulus check plan for February 13, 2021. This is an update on the third stimulus check. This update may include updates on the EIDL grants / advances from the SBA, PPP loans, unemployment pay, SSI/SSDI/VA benefits, stimulus checks, unemployment checks, PUA, PEUC, pandemic unemployment pay, rental assistance, stimulus checks, student loan forgiveness, Biden tax changes, and more. Forbearance for renter’s and mortgage forbearance extensions. Automatic stabilizers. Debt forgiveness for students. Vaccine funding. The infrastructure package and more. In the mean time, Senator Mitch McConnell is holding up the next stimulus package by demanding an organizing resolution include a guarantee that the filibuster will not be ended. Joe Biden is exchanging calls with the Problem Solver’s Caucus and other moderate democrats and republicans to get a bipartisan package passed.

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  1. It’s all fake news, congress & Biden to busy taking care of themselves. It’s time for all of them to get kick out, manipulating our Tax payers money

  2. More like when will they arrive for the worthy folks. I love how all the news articles act like all Americans will get a check. No, only the ones the government deems is struggling, as if everyone's life and expenses is not set up on some type of system in conjunction with their income. So if you make below the govts income thresholds before the pandemic and even if you increased your income during the pandemic but stayed in their income threshold, then yeah you get a check for pain and suffering. For example you made $30,000 in 2019 and then in 2020 you ended up making $45,000. Oh well you get the big check because you happen to be below the 80k as a single person even though if there was no pandemic you would be just as well off. Basically the money didn't get to just the folks that "really need it". Sounds alot like the welfare system…lol.

  3. I don’t claim my kids last year my husband did so if I claimed them this year I may going to have the 3 parts stimulus check ??😒

  4. will everyone contact elected people that this is a joke, emergency funding now

  5. Pray never. People you will pay this back, i did on my tax return. Tax Bill actaully

  6. Stop paying Congress stop paying the Senators stop and all the folks today due date job and pay us the people

  7. Biden really said if we successfully impeach trump americans will get another stimulus check.

  8. I just love the gold coin stack saying sun in green letters. Love your runescape references

  9. That is soooooo bad making us wait that long, now they say may oh my god we're dead.

  10. The longer they hold back the help some of us are sinking they dont seem to care a hold lot👎👎👎👎👎.

  11. IF IF they knew how bad the American people need this relieve why would they go sit on there 👿👿👿👿 and keep us waiting?????

  12. 😪😪😪😪😪sounds not good to me, relive is down the road as far as late late March or early April .

  13. Bull shit joe Biden show me the money 🤥🤥👽,;-/)>£{_(:;¥•+*]_~,.>^€~|{;:/-🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  14. Either shit or get off the pot ! About the stimulus checks and pass the money. Yeah they don’t have to worry about getting money they have money!!!! It doesn’t matter to Congress!!!!ithat they are taking to long. They just don’t care about the American people!! Just let them hurts☹️

  15. They dicked around making the Trump impeachment priority and not the people on the verge of losing their homes and businesses. To top it off, we knew Trump would be acquitted so all that time wasted leaving americans dangling and still waiting. Congress works ass backwards. All a selfish agenda on their part. Biden, Pelosi and Schumer keeps saying people need help NOW. HA! BS! Gotta vote these clowns out. Deely Dallying! Don't expect nothing till end of march or April.

  16. Personally I think that we won't see our stimulus checks until July August or September .It seems to me that Congress keeps on pushing everything back every time they have to make a real big decision. They always have to go on vacation then they push it back then they go on vacation. If this was a real American really trying to get things done to handle things in their life hey there be slacking like crazy. Really I just gave up on hoping for stimulus checks. It really does seem like Congress and unfortunately the president seems they can just kick this can down the road over and over and over and over and over really disheartening to hear all of this

  17. Folks. For those looking to put $ in stock market. I expect it to fall 80% in the coming months. This run up has been completely fake with no justification. MSFT stock would be sitting at 20 now. Apple should be 40. Not 250. I am sorry to break it to you folks. I just want you to save by not losing.

  18. l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her
    comment below

  19. The Relief Bill floats all around with the Democrats until 2022 and the Republicans take over the Senate again and nothing gets done ! And the poor continue to suffer!

  20. Congress " oh the wind has changed to S/SE time for another VACA" 🙄

  21. People they dont care about us only themselves help me fire them (all )!!!

  22. Fire them all lets Gods government take over we dont want to hear nothing no more talk lets get a pettetion going fire them all there paid by who and vacation break no more make it permanent put them in our shoes !!

  23. If the are making lots of proposals that not gonna be in this year ! Why they are adding lots of proposal infactyou’re not done this one proposal and then the make another one ! No ending of proposals why the do t do it ! One at a time ! Rather than do it one time ! That the cause of stimulous delayed ! Cause they keep on talking lots of proposals no ending of proposals

  24. July – august anyone want to bet. Lol let's gamble on stimulus!! That'll piss off the pencil pushers!