When will the Second Stimulus Check Come? [FAQ Updated 12-22]

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Second Stimulus check update as of Tuesday 12-22-2020.
The New Omnibus and Covid Relief (Stimulus Check) Package includes the following:
-$600 stimulus checks to adults.
-$600 stimulus checks to child dependents.
-$75k single phase out for checks / $150k married filing jointly phase out (reduces $5 per $1000 extra you make).
-No cap on dependents.
-Stimulus checks will come as soon as December 28, 2020 (per Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin).
-$300/wk Unemployment (11 week extension for all unemployment including PUA / PEUC).
-SSDI/SSI Stimulus Checks
-A deal between Pelosi, democrats, and republicans with Toomey on the Fed’s 13-3 facilities.
-Business meals tax deductible.
-Second PPP round with 25% decline in revenue. New first PPP round.
-New “targeted” EIDL Grants. Emergency Injury Disaster Loan Grants.
-Rental relief with state governments.
Stimulus check update as of Tuesday December 22, 2020.

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Steve Mnuchin, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Kevin McCarthy have finally managed to get the $900 billion dollar stimulus package agreed upon. This is a smaller stimulus check bill than the Cares Act, but it’s very much needed.

This video provides an update on stimulus check distribution, stimulus check deposits and mailing, stimulus check timing, unemployment support help, EIDL stimulus help, renter relief help, rental relief help, state-run rental relief programs, unemployment programs, restaurant support, PPP support, first draw of PPP money, second draw of PPP money, forgivable loan, unemployment funding and timing, stimulus package 2, second stimulus check. Third stimulus check. Third stimulus check package. January stimulus check package. Biden stimulus check package. State and local stimulus. Covid liability. New covid stream. 13-3 Federal Reserve Programs. Stimulus check update as of Tuesday December 22, 2020. The Second Stimulus check should arrive via direct deposit the week of December 28, 2020. Possibly December 30, 2020.

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  1. Do we believe the IRS? I would hate to say that I believe the IRS more than Congress but I kinda think that might be the case? Knock on wood?

  2. Kevin here's a point to ponder about that rebate recovery credit that they're going to offer to people for their income tax instead of sending the money direct deposit physical check or debit card.
    The IRS Steve mnuchin and whatever political parties that are involved have come to the conclusion and the realization that most of Americans have been out of work for an entire year
    Meaning this that they haven't been collecting taxes from people now with 75% of American people being out of work and 50% of them possibly collecting unemployment without any reassurance or without any inclination of when they would be returning back to work they probably opted at that moment when filing for their unemployment to pay the taxes at the end of the year and let that be what it needed to be because maybe they had families to feed and we're uncertain of when they were going back to work .
    Here's to the point every unemployment agency in the states of the United States has to send a 1099-g form in these situations
    send one to the IRS and one to the recipient of unemployment these forms have already told the IRS how many people did not claim tax during the time that they were unemployed and collecting unemployment that is why they have changed the structure and the law in the second stimulus package to reflect that they could collect it for debt I just finished reading all about this and have figured out that more than 50% of the people that are still unemployed in this country will not get a check if they did not claim their taxes on their unemployment because there's no other money going into the government they wouldn't be able to sustain and they would bottom out this is something that you must inform your viewers about.
    and this will probably include the $2,000 that is supposed to be coming from Biden shortly it's all a rouse they have circumvented the fact that the money was meant for the people so that they could fill their piggy bank so they could send money overseas and everywhere else to people who are not even part of this country what a shame and how stupid are we.
    We did not ask to be unemployed that's the bottom line.

  3. I got a direct deposit for the first based off my 2018 with my 2 small children on there……I HAVEN'T GOT THE 2ND ONE YET SO I THINK THEY DO NOT GO OFF THE 2018…..

  4. If I got the cares act how to I apply for the second 600 stimulus is there a portal opened or I don’t have to do anything?

  5. If you put your bank information in for first stimulus do i have to put my bank info in again for the second one

  6. I want to know why people on unemployment receive so much help. And most never made that kind of money working. Those who truly need it ssdi ssa ssi got nothing . Our cost went through the roof. Lost my home rent went up food went up. I cant get any help with nothing. Only unemployment can.

  7. They have the audacity to say who will get the stimulus, and who won’t; at this point idk what u ppl need to witness to realize that help doesn’t come from man, but God himself.

  8. I think as upset as everyone is about the $600 being such a low amount, you also have to consider, most of the country is back to work… and those who are not are STILL receiving unemployment with $300 boost, and for the better part of the year it was a higher boost then that, which had ALOT of people making more money than if they were actually going to work. Stimulus is meant to be a quick jolt to reinvigorate the economy. Not to sustain… which is why you HAVR to pay attention to the entire video and the entire bill so you can find out all the ways this bill can serve to bring you and your families stability during the pandemic.

  9. ….we spent $4.5 trillion on nasa in 2019!!! AND FOR WHAT??? …all we want is at least $2,000!!!

  10. Do not like trump He is right here. 10 billion foreign money to many countries that Hate us ? Then slap Americans with measly 600 ? Pelosi wrong no to museums right
    Now no pork only money to citizens schools. Stop pork get stimulus done pork should not be mixed

  11. Now what? Insurrection?

    I am not a Trump fan but WTH:

    Prison Time for election cheaters : Cheat in school you get expelled, cheat in an election you get elected president. Biden needs to atone for this crime. Step down and forfeit the election like a man. Else help on the audit of all dominion machines and ballots

  12. This guy seem pretty jolly for the BS congress just pulled on us. Is anyone else aware that millions of that money is going to other countries for the most ridiculous crap! Unbelievable

  13. When can we expect it ? Answer is simple- it is not coming. Haven't you heard ?

  14. Something is better than nothing. We should be grateful that there is a vaccine for covid-19, having food to eat, and hopefully having a warm home to live in. May those whom are in the most need be blessed with more money

  15. I was watching your vids religiously early this year and then stopped once I lost faith in the federal government (again again again) now that 2nd stimulus is coming I'm watching your vids again…that being said…you have a beard and you buzzed your head. We look alike. You should change your youtube profile photo. That's all I have to say ::end transmission::

  16. So will need to change every peaplo to buy self pleass 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  17. I'm confused he said child support payments will be garnished and the very next sentence he said it wouldn't…..maybe got confused by the question but let ask again like I did before..WILL STIMULUS PAYMENTS BE GARNISHED FOR CHILD SUPPORT OWED? YES OR NO?

  18. $600 dollars to pay late bills .phone, rent, insurance cars, etc….the government has the fucking money to give everyone at least $2000 easily. In a matter of days . But their fucking political games between the 2 parties are Ruining our economy and sinking our American people deep in misery. You're not getting rich with $2000 but the plan is to get rid of some of the stress of not being able to pay rent or bills .plus the money could keep the economy going. $600 . What a fucking joke

  19. Wow so not even before Christmas so we can fucking spend 😤 what the fuck

  20. How does Trump not signing the bill affect the EIDL we just applied for? Haven't heard anything from Mitch and I hope Kevin is getting some sleep.

  21. Do you know where the saying "Knock on Wood" came from?
    It came from Jesus dying on the cross (Wood), our faith that He died for our sins, rose from the grave, and we will be with Him in Heaven when He comes again.

  22. Democrats made the stimulus SWAMP-TASTIC. CRUMBS for the American People allowed BILLIONS for the SWAMP & foreign countries. President Trump is the only Person looking out for US.

  23. All the extra money Trump said was on the stimulus package are not in there. Those extras are in the trillion dollars budget for 2021. He is mixed up or he is trying to deceive the public as usual.

  24. This country going be owned bye very few the rest going be deleiving your food for 5.00 hour

  25. How come more money is being sent to other Countries than would be sent to the U S Citizens . Why give money to ANOTHER COUNTRY TO BUILD A WALL WHEN tRUMP HAD TO FIGHT TO GET A WALL IN THE usa .

  26. What about the people that didn’t file taxes but got a non filers stimulus check? Will we get another stimulus check???