Where Did Bitcoin Come From? – The True Story

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Episode 2 of the Bitcoin story: https://youtu.be/iYn6EQDqTkU

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  1. thats why im starting to mine ravencoin iwill wait till it reach 1000$!
    i dont care if it takes 10 years

  2. No cheating. No alterations. Who would you trust if not the banks? Oh my f*king god.

  3. Until today the bitcoin still a mystery to me…when the guy being interview trying to explain he seems having a tremendous difficulty doing it without adding lies in between the line…despite of the value ever hit 60k i still don't believe in bitcoin…when war breakout what is there bitcoin can offer as oppose to gold or real money?

  4. thechinahacks are so awesome .They helped me out financially during hard times .

  5. Thank you sir looking for the video I love it, thank you also for recommending me to expert Caroline I've been earning greatly

  6. The day I will see an actual person I know really making money is when I will believe it.

  7. Thanks man. I watched this after I watched episode 2. Its very interesting!!!

  8. People really think decentralization is worthless.

    Warren buffet is just another rich idot

  9. XRP will destroy Bitcoin!! Faster, cheaper, more scalable, carbon friendly and partnered with over 300 banks around the world.

  10. I dont consider myself to be a dense person, I've half heartedly looked into bitcoin twice in the last 3 or 4 years. This is the first time I feel like I've even come close to understanding how it works. Thanks alot man.

  11. Buy when there is blood in the streets, this goes for all investments

  12. What is worthless is fiat, notice who is warning about digital currency. The banks

  13. Haha, Friedman.. that's rich. The guy was a cabal tool and destroyed many economies.

  14. People in my country invest in Btc in order for it to boom, then collect the fiat money. What the fuk is that.

  15. Wow, Very Insightful content However personally I feel,
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  16. The fact that bitcoin has a limited number of 'coins', is what will likely also be it's demise! What happens when the last bitcoin is mined and the miners go off-line??? (I mean, why would you want to keep your 'mining' rig online when there is nothing more to be gained?). If there are no 'miners' online to verify transactions, then bitcoin becomes useless, correct?

    It's the same concept for any other natural resource of which there is a finite amount, as long as people want it. e.g. If the last bit of oil is mined and burned, then the entire economy, including the mines, oil refineries and everything else that is build around the oil industry, will collapse. There is and always was a finite amount of oil to begin with. What this finite amount is exactly… no one knows yet! Bottom line is, if you are dependent on oil and there is no more oil, well tough luck. Bitcoin is also a finite 'commodity'.

    However… a crop, such grain is a potentially infinite resource… Every year new grain is produced. While it may not be as valuable as Oil (for as long as oil is available), it is absolutely essential to the working economy. If oil one day runs out, at least people won't have to starve. We'll not right away… However, when the tractors run out of fuel and can no longer work the fields? I guess then the people, oil barons and everyone else who had build their life around oil, will have to work the fields, if they don't want to starve!

    What does this have to do with anything?
    Let's just say that:
    those who make a living in the oil business are reminiscent to those who bargain on bitcoin…
    those who make a living in the grain business are those that don't bother with these "crypto" things!

    The bottom line is, any cryptocurrency, whether finite or infinite has been created out of thin air… It is 100% virtual and 'imaginative'… And because it was created out of 'thin air' it remains thin air and can also disappear back into 'thin air' from where it came. It is only because of us, truly stupid humans, that a "value" was attached to it! And yet, you will never: wear it, live in it, eat it, find shelter in it or get some heat from it or anything else that you actually need in order to survive! And yet, we stuck a monetary value to it? "Brilliantly stupid!!!"

    I mean honestly… Yes, of course our banking system is flawed, just like our Governments and regulators, etc… But Cryptocurrencies that exist out of basically nothing other than a 'block-chain'? For crying out loud! I mean, how much energy is being spent to mine these 'crypto' buggers? It just proves once again the extraordinary selfish nature of humanity: "Just wanna get me some 'cryptos' so I can ride the money wave"! While in other places people actually die from hunger!

    I am no angel by any means… But for anyone with some real common-sense brain cells left, this should be an eye opener!

    I'm not saying you need to stay away from cryptocurrencies. Absolutely, go for it, if money is what you're after. It is there, it has somehow attracted a monetary value and it can make you some money and it can loose you some money, just like any other commodity for that matter… As long as you know what cryptocurrencies actually are in real life (nothing but valuable faf)……

    Thank you for a great Video… Very good 🙂

  17. It came from Garage of one Japanese man , just like PC made by Bill Gates in his Garage , and of course NASA Apollo mission made by Von Broun in his garage , of course , what else can it be if you are idiot . Of course Bit coin is made by Wall Street , its like a Chinese Wall but its a Crypto Wall , and its American , if they didnt do it , Chinese would they were already on the road to do it , thats why and who . Of course China made their own Digital Currency and USA made their own , China did it better of course

  18. So far, bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies have been schemes for rich people to launder and make money through speculation.
    People like Hayek believe in some utopian market that regulates itself but as we have seen from the totally wild west world of cryptocurrencies that simply is not the case.

  19. Question : Are other crypto currencies Getting created
    Watering down the worth of the Bitcoin ?

    What about countries making their sh*t ripoffs trying convert it to and fro like

    The curreny trading …

    If the real money being spent on Bitcoin scatters to other digital currencies then what?

    ColdFusion ….

  20. 7:57 I'm for translating those hex codes to ASCII English …



    Instagram is more easier to use than discord …

  21. If a currency is to ever have a wide appeal, it shouldn't reward the sort of people who were early adopters of bitcoin. Start a new currency, give every person in the world 100 credits, and see what happens to that money.

  22. If nakamoto hasn't withdrew any coins from his wallet, he's probably pushing up daisies.

  23. “Despite it’s success, the cryptographic community fell silent for nearly a decade.” Gee maybe, because the CIA and NSA hired the best of the best to take them off the market? For their own research? Then when they were released to the wild, Bitcoin surfaces? With the only encryption algorithm that the NSA hadnt yet solved? 🤫