Where Is My Georgia PUA Unemployment Check?

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Where Is My Georgia PUA/Unemployment Check?
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Everyday if you’re like me your waking up to check your email or bank account to see if your Unemployment check hit or your Stimulus check came so I decided to do some research specifically to Georgia.

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PS Im not a tax professional nor a CPA. Im just a YouTube looking to help.

PUA Georgia DOL Login


GDOL Login


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  1. Maybe someone can help with me with this pua situation in nc . I had hearing was denied but my letter from the job clearly says due to the pandemic you were laid off due to pandemic. I have to appeal this a second what is it I need to do different this time around I mean I still have my letter .

  2. Thanks for referring to cashflukes on telegram on here, I got a pua method from him and got paid today
    Hit him up for all benefits methods

  3. Good job sir! I think you are doing a very positive thing which people can learn so much from. Respectively I would like to recommend that you not snap your fist in your hand for 3 reasons: #1. It sounds terrible acoustically drowning out important information you are sharing. If listeners can't understand you then what's the purpose? #2 viewers watch your hands more than your lips (be careful what the camera can see) #3 You are a relatively big guy so gestures could be intimidating. Focus the camera from your diaphragm up to barely above your head and try wearing your hair down for best camera vision. Remember you have a world audience now and people are judging you as well as what you are saying. You never know who may wan to hire you and pay you very well. Look and do your best. I celebrate your efforts and willingness to be a servant. Keep blogging away young man! Great stuff!!!

  4. I got an email asking for proof of income. I sent in my proof but will I get my payments in the meantime? I claimed all my weeks back weeks. I’m wondering if I’ll get paid this week. Or does my proof of income need to be approved first?

  5. It says My pay day was 7/07 which is today, my money wasn’t deposited so how long does it usually take to hit your account?

  6. I filed for the backweeks that I missed etc and the payment was processed 6/22/20. How long will the checks take in the mail ? Lump sum wise

  7. How long after your payment summary is posted will you see the payment post to your bank account? The day after?

  8. Still haven't heard anything. I sent back everything thing on I have a effective date as well. 4/7/20. I even switched portals to pua.

  9. I never got a email saying upload tax info and neither has people that are getting pua payments already. I don’t get it

  10. can someone explain to me "PUA Certification already exists for the week." I claim it last week for 5/16/2020 and 5/23/2020 but no update on under payment summary.

  11. MR. T does gig work!
    Well the members of the A Team. Had to retire eventually.
    What are the rest of the members. Doing or a living?

  12. Hey Kirkland, I’ve been approved for 25 weeks with PUA with a effective date of 2/23/20, I received all back pay up until 5/9 but when I claimed 5/16 it wasn’t paid. Called the 877 number and it stated that my claim bal is zero but my UI states that I have benefits until July. Any info on the this??? Thx

  13. For those of you needing to claim multiple weeks..Here’s how:

    1. You get a calendar.. and make sure each ending week you claim, lands on a SAT.

    2. In the empty slot that say: Enter a request for a previous week formatted MM/DD/YYYY you’ll insert the first week,

    3. Complete the questions pertaining to that week (if accepted you’ll see at the top, something that states) “the week has been received/accepted and will be process the next working/business day”

    4. Go back, claim another week, answer those questions

    5. Rinse and repeat until ALL weeks are claimed.

    Edited to add: “The next business day” according to Georgia’s standard, is about 3 days or even more out.

    IMPORTANT!! Keep claiming your weeks, eventually they’ll catch up to you.

    Good luck

  14. What if you didn’t put a routing number and bank account .. how long will it take to get mailed to your address ?

  15. Anyone who has actual gotten money from regular UI were you paid backpay from the last day of employment or from the 1st day you applied for ui or from the first time you clicked a weekly check in on the website? They say not to click on check ins on website until you are approved I hope that is not taking money away.

  16. The PUA is also for individuals that have previously exhausted their reg UI benefits BEFOR the pandemic. They will send you an automatic link if you have been identified as a candidate.

  17. Good job! I was wondering what was going on! My wife has a hair salon and she filed for the State UI and received a letter saying her benefits were 0.00, I assume that means she has been denied so we been waiting for the email with the PUA link to fill out and send our taxes for proof of income, our business license and a utility bill for proof of self-employment. Just send the link already so we can finally get caught up! But hey great job on the video and hang in there everybody!