WHERE to get EXPERIENCE? Start a bookkeeping business from home

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Where to get experience when starting a bookkeeping business? These are hacks for you to get started bookkeeping. I often get questions from aspiring bookkeepers who are having trouble getting their first client, or have questions about if they should focus on schooling or real-world experience. My answer is that both are important in your bookkeeping business. When I started bookkeeping, I first took classes on QuickBooks, then volunteered to get experience, then got my first paying bookkeeping client. It’s a balance that will look different for everyone. This video gives you some ideas and hacks about where to start–including finding the QuickBooks Online sample company.

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  2. Naqeeb Ur rehman

    Can we work more than 40 hrs on qb as a student bcz uk government dont allow us to work more then 20 hrs

  3. Naqeeb Ur rehman

    In uk more than 20 hrs Not Allowed For student So IF we work on quickbook more than 20 hrs online can uk goverment track this extra hours or no can we work unlimited hours on online qb without goverment track our extra hours

  4. Latoya Griffin

    I plan on doing freelance work before starting an actual business.

  5. Fruits of Heaven

    When you started out volunteering to gain experience, did these small business owners have accountants or cpas?

  6. sachin bansal

    hi there, i am recently done my graduation and now i am looking for volunteer work in accounting so i can get some experience i have very strong basics cleared in my mind. could you suggest me anything because no accountant is helping me out without any reference

  7. Karen Jensen

    I have a lot of great experience but one thing I'm lacking is knowledge of payroll. Any recommendations on a good payroll class with Quickbooks online?

  8. Zulfeyy 2020

    can i do this business even i don't go to school?

  9. Vanessa Mobley

    What classes did you take at the local community college?

  10. Juan Manuel Arjona Jr

    Hi, question I talked to people walking neighborhood asking for give u a chance. Do you show your certificate of bookkeeping to trust you?

  11. Victoria Flanders

    You said you are constantly partnering with a CPA. I'm just wondering if you pay them hourly for their time or how this works? Also, around tax time when a CPA is necessary, do most businesses you work for seek out their own CPA and you just work with them at that time? I'm just a bit confused with how this works.

  12. Hi, I am majoring in accounting at college but I think my English skill is just intermediate level. WHAT should I do to get a bookkeeping job? Furthermore, I don't have connections here because I am international student.

  13. I love your channel! I’m currently reviewing the industry and learning about bookkeeping to see if I want to start my own practice.

    Can you talk about how you have dealt with clients that commingle personal expenses in their business and/or questionable categorization directives being asked of bookkeepers? I’m concerned about the grey areas that can come up, and how hard to question whether a charge is a true business expense. Thanks!

  14. Amelia Orantes

    Thank you for the video! Is your business insured? Do you mind sharing what company you used and how much it costs please.

    Also, You mentioned software in another video and initially always looking for the cheapest options. Are you talking about software like Quickbooks online? What other software would be needed? I am looking into Bookkeeper Launch and apparently they give you a year of Quickbooks for free but I want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything in terms of startup costs.

    Thank you!

  15. raymond magpayo

    Hi im raym from Philippines. Thanks for the videos. You're awesome.

  16. Sharing is Caring

    Great advice! Love the part when you mention that "It doesn't matter if the client makes only a couple of dollars per month" to treat them as a VIP client!!! As a small business owner, I have met bookkeepers that pushed me to the back of their list just bc I was starting… Thanks again!!

  17. Thank you so much for posting this vdo😊

  18. Susanna Fahey

    Hi. Great channel – I was wondering if you have a video that breaks down the work load in your small medium or large clients. What makes a client the size it is from a bookkeepers perspective? (I guess that’s the question) I have experience within a family business and I’m not quite sure if its considered small or medium.

  19. Martha S Clausell

    Hi! Thanks a lot for all the knowledge you share! I love your videos!.. Actually thanks to you I'm now getting out of my fears and looking for the resources you share trying to find the way to my dream of become a bookkeeper… The most difficult thing has been find a mentor!… Even though I have talked with more than one bookkeepers and accountants… Persons that I know… I never got the support, tips and resources you share in your videos… Thanks a lot for that!

  20. sarah robinson

    Do you feel it is worth it to purchase the Bookkeeper Launch program? Or do you think someone can learn much of this on their own?

  21. I’m not going to lie, Morgan: Some of the talking in this video is too fast. Way too fast.

  22. Maybe a video on doing reconciliations in qbo or catch up clients (people who’ve never used a bookkeeper or switching to qbo)

  23. Hi Morgan, can you make a video or can you explain to me how exactly do you record time and make it into an invoice?

  24. Robert Wagner

    Hello Morgan. Love your channel so thank you! I have a question completely unrelated to this video. What is the difference between QB Online Accountant and your offer of 50% off Quickbooks for 6 months?

  25. Linking With Naz

    Practical experience is important for theoretical book knowledge to stick. I think going to University before any practical experience to properly frame the concepts is backwards.

  26. I love your content & I always look forward to it!❤️

  27. Carol Keener

    I am following all of your videos! Love your info and advice!

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