Why Elon Musk Created Neuralink?

Why Elon Musk Created Neuralink?
“I created [Neuralink] specifically to address the A.I. symbiosis problem, which I think is an existential threat,” Musk said. In the nearer term, Musk sees the Link as also solving for brain ailments and injuries from depression and anxiety to memory loss or Dementia and paralysis.
“It’s kind of Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires” – Elon Musk.
Wires in the skull sound a bit deadly, no? Well, if Elon Musk is saying this, maybe we should give it a try.
But what is it he talking about here? Have you heard of Neuralink before? It is an amazing creation of Elon Musk in the field of science that will change the face of humanity forever.

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