Why I Changed My YouTube Precious Metals Channel Name – Key Factors For Marketing And Branding

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Why I Changed My YouTube Precious Metals Channel Name – Key Factors For Marketing And Branding is a video discussing the question I received a lot of, …


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  1. i was wondering who this new guy was that seemed like Stacking Stormtrooper – now I know why

  2. As the governing authority on entertainment and humor, I approve of this channel and its name change! receives stamp of approval

  3. I like how honest you are. The stormtrooper schtick is funny, but would hook people for about 2 videos. The reason you're remaining so popular is (1) your videos are fast-paced, they don't bog down; (2) you have great original insights; (3) sincerity; and (4) variety of topics you come up with; and (5) your voice is nice and clear.

  4. Weren't stormtroopers soviet troops dressed in white for the snow? Pretty sure disney took an already used term and made it their own.


  6. Star Wars took (lifted) the name Stormtroopers which were elite German troops in WWII; so probably okay to use it but can’t trademark it because it is in common usage.

  7. When I first watched this channel, I thought to myself "hmm this is what a storm trooper looks like when he goes home". lol. Picturing a whole storm trooper family walking around dressed in comfort along with helmet.

  8. “Latrine….. quite the interesting name. How did you come by it?
    “Back in the fourth century it use to be Shithouse.”
    “That’s a good change!”

  9. Ok…so I punched you in the nose the other day. 😂 I like your new name and I do hope it helps make your channel stand out.

  10. I think it is a very smart change for the better, good for you Stormy!! Best of everything!!

  11. Congratulations on your continued success! Thank you for the great content and educational videos Stormy.

  12. 💙 Gawd ! I feel like such a Hack by having “Silver” in my channel name now.😒. I thought that’s what we were supposed to do ! DOH!
    BTW: I think your camera is on the fritz.. it keeps zooming in and out ! One second you’re big and the next, you’re small…you got this crazy Alice in wonderland thing going. 😉
    Grats on the new channel name “STORMY” ..

  13. Do the gals over at Diamond Club NYC know what you look like under that helmet 😉😉😉

  14. as long as you can keep the "SNIPE" clip…all will be well. Just Keep Stackin'

  15. New channel name, but same old feel and super cool dude behind the bucket. Just like Bruce Lee said: "Be water my friends. You pour water into a cup it becomes the cup. You pour water into a bowl it becomes the bowl. Be water my friends."

    P.S. By the way,, your empire is way better than that evil mouse's.

  16. There is 8 minutes I wll never get back, thanks for nothing! Tere 79 has not been here, you know how I know, 93 thumbs up and no thumbs down, yet.

  17. Empire Precious Metals! I like it. Yes, you can’t change your nickname, that would be wrong. You’ll always be Stormy.

  18. Disney is just licking their lips and waiting until you hit 10k subs! Almost there says Disney…. almost there…