Why I stop day trading and now all in HODL in BITCOIN

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Sometimes doing nothing is doing something especially in trading✨
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  1. I just bought in to crypto for the first time during this dip. Only put in $300 to hodl and see the outcome long term.

  2. -ED- Independent Bitcoin BSV Channel

    I stumbled on your channel, I can see you don't understand what Bitcoin is either (most people don't) but I thought I want to try to give you some good advice as most people in crypto give horrible advice and talk garbage all the time. So, heres my advice and its up to you if you want to take it or not: Have a look at my channel, forget about HOLD, trading, all that crap, learn to recognize what real Bitcoin is, why its valuable and so on, and you will start to see things very differently, and if you don't want to listen and learn, well… good luck to you.

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