Why I'm NOT Trading Bitcoin Right Now – Every Trader Should Know This

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In this video, we discuss the head and shoulders pattern that has come into fruition on the charts, and we talk about a shorter term trade that can be made, as well as some lessons we can learn.

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I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.

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  1. It's true, one of the most valuable lessons I've learnt with ta is to trade the trend!

  2. Albert Rosendaal

    market reset wil happen. Cheap cheap btc

  3. Excellent Super Subper Advice NO TRADE ZONE.. we easily go down to 3250…

  4. WHat happened to your live show

  5. rodney grinter

    A clean cut Jebb :-). Yeah the asians are killing it in crypto.

  6. Harison Berrocales Nazario

    Hello Jebb, I think that maybe if Bitcin it's a beark market, we could that under of $7,000 USD Bitcoin it's can to make a movement of $6,500 USD if Bitcoin breakout the $7,000 USD level. Today in the afternoon I see that Bitcoin is up 4% and the price is in this moment $7,500 USD aproxximately. While that Bitcoin is not breakout all structure bear market from June 2019 I don't make a position in long in Holder. Because all my Bitcoin I sell. In other videos, in the You Tube Channel Pro Trading Skills. They mentioned that Bitcoin it can to see a new minimum value of $2,000 USD level. So, I think that Bitocin it may to go a bear market in week and monthly in the graphics.

  7. Laurence Urban

    I do not see the link

  8. michael hale

    hi jebb. thanks for the info…

  9. CryptoTakeOver

    Thanks Jeb! Looks like we broke bullish but like you said don’t trade the break out.. I’m doing updates using market cipher on my channel getting ready for that long position

  10. Just upgraded on Trading View, enjoy the commission………….buy yourself a coke or something

  11. LegitLyricsPH

    Wow. Better looking hairstyle. Nice

  12. My man Jebb!

  13. Dylan Gouert

    Don't day trade, dummies. 7k-ish was/is a beautiful place to be buying for long term. Fuck bybit, fuck bitmex, fuck day trading.

  14. Alex Munguia

    Big Jeff in the house!

  15. The Beale Papers

    Thank you for all the videos you have done. Keep up the good work!

  16. inner dinosaur

    Thanks jebb 🦖👍

  17. inner dinosaur

    Hiya jebb bit late watching this but here now 👍🦖

  18. Jebb, the red funding showed to be correct. $$$ We popped up. Fyi, Never trade in an ichimoko cloud. This is a fact as well. Good points, notice buy volume near all tops? Oh, boy, so many lost. Agree. Just like all the selling at the bottoms. Fear , greed my friend. It is to be overcome for all traders, just reverse your thinking!

  19. ok you did clarify the short term trade

  20. why would you not trade this move? im up $1800 with a tight stop loss cant lose

  21. Elena Efremova

    I almost pooped in my pants when you said 👋 hi😂😂🤪

  22. 50% in. but we are probably see 7800 for a bounce back. 6500 is luckily far away. Give some air to breath.

  23. Misleading video.

  24. Lol damn! Every time bro.

  25. cowboyspacezombie

    Sounds like you only trade bull

  26. Blaster Jones

    Very informative as usual and thanks for the trading advice, appreciated.

  27. djBlindFaith

    Jebbs probably kicking himself now… we just had a slight lift off 🤣

  28. Hi Jebb , i am a new trader and i thank you so much for teaching me how i must trade to not get liquidated . I am waiting all time confirmations like you say and i can't lose money . BTW i started one week ago to trade some ETH … 0.1 and now i got 0.1727 ETH thank to you 🙂

  29. Luhta The Finn

    Thanks….I used your link to upgrade to Pro on trading view 🙂

  30. Cryptoman976

    And everyone called ETN a <blank>coin for working with governments, regulation while becoming the first and only fully KYC/AML compliant crypto in the world. But they knew this was the direction and got WAY ahead of the curve. This is not an endorsement for ETN (yes I love the project) but it goes to show regulation is coming whether we like it or not.

  31. Every now and then you need to do the opposite of what everyone on YouTube supposed to do. Obviously you know your stuff oh, I'm just saying Bitcoin sometimes doesn't give a s*** about ta

  32. Greg Savchuk

    Nice work Jebb.

  33. Emperor'sNewClothes

    You shouldn’t have to legalize crypto, just don’t make it illegal.

  34. Tyler Nelson

    I remember when you were following that 14k on the 1- minute chart. You voiced your confidence that that it was going to break much higher. Shortly after it tanked 2k. I enjoy this channel & your TA. I also think you a pretty realistic guy, but in that case I think you made a big mistake (it happens…Doesn’t mean you failed, but it i good to admit it)

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