Why Tracking Carbon Emissions Is Suddenly A Billion Dollar Opportunity

The number of companies with net-zero emissions targets exploded amidst the pandemic. But historically, actually tracking emissions has been hard, due in …


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  1. Governments: You need to reduce carbon emissions
    Corporations: How about instead of reducing carbon emissions, we fund carbon reducing projects like planting trees, then we can have an economy based on carbon emissions. Then if there's a company that naturally doesn't create carbon emissions and never has we can buy their negative carbon emissions (that was always that way), and combined with our carbon emissions the math works out and we reduced emissions!
    Governments: That sounds logical… sure.

    It's the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine…

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  3. So there is a company that is going to take other company emissions data and tell them what their impact is and how they can improve it. Does that company doing the assessment have an A+ rating on sustainably? I would want to see their report card before they judge others…hypocrites

  4. I can't tell if this is supposed to be an informative vid, or an advertisement for those three companies.

  5. #Capitalism. Create a problem. Then provide a solution / tax. Love it!

  6. MorpheusΩne

    @CNBC: Apparently, the narrator of this video has a voice that is so high-pitched, making it sound quite nasally, that it is not particularly easy to understand, making watching this video & following along to be closer to pointless than it should be. Continuing to retain this person as the narrator may not be a terrible idea, though; it would, definitively, certainly be a good idea to do something to the audio to make it easier to understand. And there is also the possibility that something else, other than the narrator's voice, in the audio is causing this distortion that makes the narrator's voice sound this way.

  7. desertoutpost13

    Its a SCAM

  8. economic mercenary

    i hate all of this, all the pollution comes from agriculture and freight, not me and you

  9. Musk Reality

    Where is planetina when you need her?

  10. All this is propaganda used to blind you. I know climate change is real but, they are exaggerating it. This is being used as an excuse so that people can’t own anything. This plan is called the Great Reset, search it up if you don’t believe me. “You will own nothing and you will be happy”- World Economic Forum

  11. truth is different

    Greed is the real problem that created so many issues, as these fools see even to earn from green energy, it is like emmisions are going to worsen massively, unless greed of super rich is nt tackled emissions will be the same

  12. Umbrella Kitty

    What a load of crap.

  13. This was a thing over 10 years ago – and then it died out- because it's a bogus thing and easy to forge. And now the scam is back – but maybe there's more transparency now. Not sure it's here to stay…

  14. Aurobindo Ghosh

    why? because making climate change with carbon emission was a billion dollar investment by companies

  15. Michelle yanto

    I wish everyone successful in his life.

  16. Chris Bentley

    Those windmills slaughter birds by the thousands.

  17. Tracking carbon emissions is useless unless you translate that number into executive's jail time.

  18. hahha, net-zero carbon means the popularity of nuclear power. You like it?

  19. Laughs in China

  20. Do the data captured in these tools reconcile with the output data from the oil, gas, and coal producers? As a reality check, it should not be difficult to compare the energy export and import data across country boarder, and against the data from energy consumption at the country and corporate level. Then we could have a better idea on how much data are unaccounted for.

  21. Good information


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  23. Thanos is right all along…

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