Why You Need Stop Pitching Your Product (and Start Marketing Your Point of View)

How do you position your product in a way that speaks directly to your customers?

Your buyers have more choices than ever. And only focusing on your product doesn’t make it any easier on them.

April Dunford, Founder of Ambient Strategy and Author of Obviously Awesome, gives a full rundown on why you need to develop a good narrative so you can give your prospects a better (and clearer) way to think about their choices in a crowded market.

Learn how April breaks down what you should and shouldn’t do when marketing your products, how to position yourself compared to your competitors, and much more.

0:00 – 1:24 What positioning your products really means
2:43 – 5:12 How market categories help customers focus
5:13 – 6:37 How the competition sets assumptions for your customers
6:38 – 9:39 How April helped reframe the product position for an email for lawyers tool
9:40 – 11:48 – How strong positioning can reshape a business’ approach to the market
11:50 – 14:57 What to do when your product positioning is wrong
14:58 – 16:52 Why what they teach you in marketing school is wrong
16:52 – 19:16 How to break positioning down into five components
19:16 – 21:35 How to get started and reposition your product
21:36 – 22:25 How to avoid getting it wrong when it comes to competitors
22:26 – 28:22 April shares an example of how she helped reposition a CRM
28:23 – 28:49 Key takeaways about product positioning

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