Will Bitcoin Crash? Is Now A Good Time To Buy BTC?

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Is bitcoin a safe investment? Where do you store it securely? Will I make money from it? There are just some of the questions that I’ve been asked about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lately so I thought to create a video answering these questions for you guys. If you have more questions please leave a comment down below and I’ll make another video answering them.

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  1. Sheldon Evans

    Comment your questions as a separate comment on this video. I’ll try answer as many of them as I can!
    Let’s get this video to 500 likes 🚀

    WARNING!: Please be aware that scammers post many comments on these videos, make sure you look for the verified checkmark next to my name in the comments.

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  4. Sorry, I'm a total beginner so I have a ton of questions, but wanted to ask now in regards to Hardware Wallets…I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around them…For example(hypothetical) if you own 100ETH and have it on an exchange, and you move 90ETH to your Hardware Wallet and keep 10 on the exchange, do any gains you're making in the market apply to the 10 you have on the exchange? Or the full 100 you own? I understand the Hardware Wallet is a key, essentially "locking away" whatever you add to it so no one has access to it but you, but is it still active on the crypto market ? Again, noob question, apologies if I'm not explaining this clearly enough. Great videos, immediate subscribe. Thanks.

  5. Moiz Tankiwala

    Does it cost to move crypto from the exchange to an offline wallet and vice versa?

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