Win $1.5 Million + $600 Stimulus Check Update in California

Win $1.5 million plus $600 stimulus check update in California
The state of California just announced a new incentive program where 10 people will be winning $1.5 million as a result of the cash for the vaccination program. In addition, 30 more people will be winning $50,000 prizes along with thousands of other people winning gift cards and other giveaways. This is in addition to the Golden State stimulus check of $600, the state of California is rolling out some different programs right now giving California residents millions of dollars worth of $600 stimulus checks as well as these prices. This is part of the cash for vaccination program in the state of California. This latest incentive program was just announced today in the state of California, 10 winners will be winning $1.5 million $1.5 million and 30 winners will be winning $50,000 each. This is also an update on the Golden State Stimulus check of $600 for lower income individuals as we discussed in the video. This video and this information pertains to everybody including those people receiving Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, RRB, low income and no income. Golden State stimulus check of $600, a Golden State Stimulus a Update, $600 California stimulus check and the new cash for vaccination Update, $1.5 million giveaway in California.
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  1. Should a person only on SS need to file taxes?,I do live in California,both my spouse and I are on SS,no other income

  2. With the amount of Taxes we Californians pay i don't think you can call it free candy ! Thanks

  3. Damn the jokes! Wow! Not cool

  4. Helen Chilson

    I let you know some people live in Lewistown Montana like I am I am so poor and I don't know me going to get our waiting a check or not I really don't know a lot of people send me losing out SSI check that what I heard from friend of mine down here in louistown Montana let me know it's true or not I am SSI and Cooney I can't for that cuz myON people don't give me much in my check God bless you have

  5. generation CRISIS


  6. Love your videos Matt, very informative and you make it easy to understand. I watch your videos every day. Keep up the great work. =)

  7. Clara & Terry Uribe & Gagnon

    Thank you Matt ✌️💓 great shirt dude 😁

  8. People in Ssi dont do Tax

  9. William Rist

    Free money is always nice but I have to tell you for what you have called retinitis Pigmentosa gene therapy to fix your disease is a little over 2 million and insurance doesn't cover it I have wet macular degeneration in both eyes so you and I kind of speak the same language in the factor we're losing our eyesight M2 million would have to go to gene therapy to fix your eyesight

  10. Hi Matt, I live in California and my understanding with the $600 stim check is families with children under 17 and an income under $30,000 will qualify and undocumented persons with an income under $75,000 will also qualify!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO, that leaves out many, many low income families, including myself. Way to go California (UGH)!!!!!

  11. W8steLandWarrior

    Oh and i never got my first $600 stimulus either and i qualified. Hmmmm

  12. W8steLandWarrior

    So how do they know how to contact the winners? They don't ask for your address or phone number when you get vaccinated. Hmmmmmm.

  13. Angela Canete

    Well this sucks cuase I live in Texas 2 nd no way in hell am I taken satin shots. Rather stay poor

  14. alice martinez

    I'm in california

  15. Charlene Bruce

    The 600 that people on ssi will start getting is called the golden state grant. They started paying out this week. The second one is being voted on now

  16. People are struggling, but they have enough money to give away. Really?

  17. Ofelia Cabana

    I’m in California, i filed tax on 3/2/21 I’m on ssdi and make less than 30,000.00 do I qualify for it ?

  18. Tina Hagerty

    I so could use it badley come on matt lets here some good news…..

  19. Gaylene Hemenway

    I live in California and havent received the $600. I'm on SSI and SSDI..

  20. Margie Blacketter

    I feel instead of giving one person all that money they should use it to hand out to the ones that really need it!

  21. Kathy Demars

    "I wish I were a California girl!" Alas! I live in New York! We haven't heard a peep of even getting $1 in stimulus money! Meanwhile, businesses are still closing, food costs are out of control! Thanks so much Matt for working so hard for all of us! It is greatly appreciated! Love to Cory and baby!

  22. Donald Zachary

    So ssi etc. Have to file 2020 taxes…right?

  23. Another great reason to Recall Newsom. Caitlin for Governor.

  24. Hey bro I watch you channel, its cool. You can stop telling your viewers with SSDI that they are getting the CAlif Stim package. They arent. Im on SSDI. I called the FRanchise TAx Board and they said No.

  25. Thats bull trying to buy people

  26. Dont bother 3rd generation Ca money at all i an on ssi nope no me no shot for me

  27. Jackie Eubanks

    Matt again thank you so much for your time and knowledge that you have helped me with your a great gyy. I feel and hit my head maybe I knocked some since in so I've been in bed with a headache. I have watched u all the time I love to hearing u be a ADVOCATE FOR THE PEOPLE. IM GOING TO CATCH UP WITH THE VIDEOS OF YOU THE LAST WEEK OR SO . GOD BLESS YOU AND COREY. 💯❤⚘

  28. Does Washington has anything like that

  29. anison phanthip

    Still waiting for my 600. For those on SSI and other programs. Its call GOLDEN STATE GRANTS .
    got my shots praying I win .

  30. Debbie Graham

    Found this little bit of info about when California SSI/SSP Recipients should get their $600 payments.

    Golden State Grant (GSG) and SSI/SSP Recipients

    Recent California legislation authorized a one-time supplemental SSP payment in the amount of $600 to SSI/SSP recipients to provide relief from hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Payments in the amount of $600 will be automatically mailed out based on zip code. Recipients can expect to receive their payment based on the following schedule:

    Week Of:Zip Code Range:
    05/24/2021. 00000 – 91204
    06/01/2021. 91205 – 92114
    06/07/2021. 92115 – 93304
    06/14/2021. 93305 – 95034
    06/21/2021. 95035 – 99999

    For general information about these payments, refer to the SSP Payment FAQs. For any additional questions, please contact: 1 (866) 312-3100.

  31. Brian Douglas

    You getting out a set of four the corona shot where is my money I did a long time ago all these states are having money out for that and I get nothing as usual

  32. Holly Rosenthal

    😲😱😲OMG OMG If you can't see now, you NEVER will…Jesus help

  33. Thomas Martinez

    Here in California on SS Retirement, low income. I heard 6 to 8 weeks after April 15th, or late May or early to mid June 2021 for most on SS low income. Hope, being patient here.

  34. Good Morning all, thank you Matt, for all you do. everyone, have a blessed day.

  35. Elizabeth Luong


  36. Elizabeth Luong

    I received a gift card $25 from target because I got vacune COVID done

  37. pottymouth campbell

    Thank you so much for this information.

  38. Sherrl Smith

    Matt, Im on Social Security and I Need a Grant to get my INVENTION OFF THE GROUND, TO START IT, MAKE IT… DO YOU HAVE ANY INFO ON THIS IDEA ??? PLEASE HELP MATT !!!❤️😘❣️👍😄😁👋🌄💰💰

  39. Brenda Hennessy

    What about Oregon?

  40. Brenda Hennessy

    What about Oregon?

  41. Brenda Hennessy

    Good morning from Portland , Oregon

  42. Alberta Dirk

    Know it's a one time

  43. Linda Bresee

    Too bad they don't use that money to help the poor. Spread out it could help a lot of people. Sounds like a new way to promote gambling. It's already a gamble to take the vaccine risk or risk Covid.

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