$Win Crypto Price Prediction – Wink Coin Up 100% Today. LIVE Alt Coin Pick on Binance

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What is WINk?
WINk is a gaming platform for users to play socialize and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems that leverages the WIN token as the native digital asset within the platform. Through behavioral mining innovative token economy design and other incentive mechanisms WINk aims to build an ecosystem that provides a high-quality decentralized gaming experience to enable developers to build dApps that drive genuine adoption and engages users to participate and contribute as active stakeholders in the platform.

What is WIN Token?
WIN token is a TRC-20 utility token built on the TRON blockchain. Within the WINk platform, WIN is the token used to incentivize active participation from key stakeholders i.e., developers and users. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the token’s core use-cases:

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Earning Win Power: token-holders receive Win Power for staking WIN tokens.
Airdrops: token-holders are eligible for WIN airdrops.
WinDrop staking: all DApps connected to the gaming platform can share a portion of the winnings with WIN token-holders through its “WinDrop” program.
Governance rights: token-holders can influence both the development and direction of the platform through its built-in governance mechanism.
Resource burns: token-holders can alleviate transaction costs by staking WIN.
Exclusive opportunities and experiences: token-holders are able to participate in exclusive events, such as celebrity poker tournaments or car giveaways.
Gameplay bonuses: high-volume players and dApps that serve large user bases receive benefits for each transaction. For instance, benefits may include direct discounts, increased payouts, or accelerated mining rates.
Key Features

Developer tools and APIs that allow teams to integrate their projects or create gaming dApps from scratch
Development team comprised of veterans from the gaming industry
Social features live operations and events
Investment and strategic partnership with TRON
WinDrop reward mechanism
Fiat onramps stablecoins and more DeFi integrations
Governance model content discovery engine and ecosystem fund coming soon
Curaçao and Costa Rica gaming licenses

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  1. I bought a win of 1000 usd at 0.00270 and now my asset value is 300 usd. Give me some advice.

  2. I had been saying about wink's massive potential since January this year when it was 0.000200 to people, not just here but everywhere! Lol. But no-one believed me even my friends. But I kept buying and buying. I feel like a whale now 🤣. I won't dump yet don't worry. But You'll know when I do lol. Those that sell before it even hit 1 cents will be sorry. If you're a holder, keep holding it. But I'm so glad I bought when it was 0.000200.

  3. Elons mUsk: He will do a transaction from the moon to the earth, hahahhahaahhahah, your the besttttt! I laugh so much with a glass of wine in my hand. Oh my goshhhhh. Huhuhu. Lets buy some Doggycoin.

  4. Got it in 0.0082326 USDT which is 0.40 cent in Philippine money. I only bought worth $30 or $29. That's my only money. Lol. Not a day trader here. Willing to wait as long as I'm alive. 😄

  5. Dude the reason why ADA is not going up. Because it just distributed it stake bonus.

  6. Cant believe it went up another 100% in the 10 hrs after this Vid. Is there any fundamental reason why it went to the sky when almost all other coins have gone a few% backwards ? Its gone up 240% in 24 Hrs at the time of writing this message.

  7. Invest and you will be happy strong buy now wink coin🚀🚀🚀🛸🛸🛸

  8. Hiya, I was watching your livestream, I only came near the end – it just stopped suddenly and moved me on to the next video before I could get your Discord link, if you see this pls try to find me on Discord and leave the link in my DM. If not I’ll see you in the next stream 💜🦁😘