Women Short Program | Internationaux de France 2021 | #GPFigure

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  1. Yuliya Rybina

    Ари Казярян ,лучше не коментируй ,🙊не возможно слушать !!!!🙉 .

  2. I think Anna definitely has the power it needs for her short program not only in the tec sence but the power this music needs but for me personally the music has more of escape than fight and that gives her problems with the facial impression and acting because she is a girl who als was pulls through no matter what and that has nothing to do with escape and running away but the power is needed for both expressions. I liked her alder costume better maybe also because of that. Compared to Aliona who has the balance between sexiness and as the young woman she is confidence. I think you can see it in the standing and acting time in the Programms Aliona is in the range of normal length but Anna’s is kept rather short even though they are from the same choreographer. I hope Anna can improve her acting abilities and that Aliona gets her 3A back. Besides the Russian ladies the outstanding SP for me were from Mariah Bell and Lea serna even though I can’t understand their costumes. Maria’s doesn’t fit the flow she has with just the dark blue I mean it’s classic but don’t flows. The performance was amazing just how she literally flowed with the music I really loved it. I would really want to see that at the Olympics but nothing is decided yet. For Lea I am so sad that she is not at the Olympics just the power she has the hole time performing. But again the costume why did they include thes dress like thing on the one side? It doesn’t really fit it looks like they threw it in just to make it more classic and secure. I mean if they had to do it why couldn’t they even make the sleeve fitting?

  3. What happened with Starr Andrews?

  4. Светлана Верба

    Молодцы все фигуристка,особенно Российские.

  5. Saralyrizeldn

    Bonsoir, bienvenue aux Internationaux de France! Here are the timestamps!

    9:58 Presenting Group 1

    17:28 (RUS) K. SINITSYNA [22:32]*
    22:54 (JPN) Y. YOKOI [28:51]*
    29:21 (FRA) L. SERNA [35:07]*
    35:38 (KOR) Y. PARK [41:22]*
    41:50 (USA) M. BELL [47:57]*
    48:22 (USA) S. ANDREWS [N.A.]*
    50:47 Did she hurts herself?

    Starr Andrews is unfortunately withdrawn from the competition, since she's unable to finish her program.
    Apparently they didn't show current standings for Group 1…

    57:35 Presenting Group 2

    1:05:10 (KOR) H. LEE [1:10:53]*
    1:11:20 (JPN) W. HIGUCHI [1:17:15]*
    1:17:31 (AZE) E. RYABOVA [1:23:07]*
    1:23:38 (USA) K. CHEN [1:29:24]*
    1:30:20 (RUS) A. KOSTORNAIA [1:35:52]*
    1:36:20 (RUS) A. SHCHERBAKOVA [1:42:11]*
    Russian names are as long as my patience 😂

    1:42:38 Final Results

    * = Score

  6. валентина соколова

    Аленка ты молодчинка! Я не была твоим фанатом, но сейчас я в восторге!

  7. Ольга Николаенко

    Новая программа Анны – восторг. Артистично и динамично, а я такое очень люблю

  8. Renata Mackoniene

    Anna and Alena are amazing 👏

  9. loved aliona’s program, so fun and showcased her personality. have got to say that Ekaterina’s mamba program was a stand out for me as well

  10. Irina Andrianova

    Наконец-то нашли правилтную музыку и поограмму для Косторной! Очень!

  11. RIP ISU! Scherbakova have no technique, no presentation,whe`re from 77,94? Kostornaia, Sinitsyna/Park were much better.

  12. Thanks for sharing , I love this program very much

  13. 44:32 Mariah’s combo spin is almost in same level as Valieva’s. So centered, fast and flexible. Weird how they gave her such low Goe.☹️

  14. Mariah was so criminally underscored today. I know she fell on combo but she did the rest of her program cleanly. What are those Goes? How did they dare to give her those low Goe’s on her 2A and spin. Her components was also a joke.😔

  15. CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    It was a classy ride on the ice! Everyone showed themselves in a dignified way, no matter what! Anna, Alena & Kseniia you're a true divine angels! You're the real art and a masterpiece! Keep it up and only go forward without giving up! Remember, you're our pride! Good luck to you girls! 曆

  16. Elizabeth Pereira

    Grácias Princesa de Cristal Anna, brillante, exelente su elegancia y talento .
    La mejor , nos regalas tu carisma.
    Felicitaciones, bravo Anna_Rusia.
    Desde el fin del mundo, Chile.

  17. Zina Belikova

    Судьи мало балл поставили на Аню.Ей надо было давать 90баллов или минимум 85баллов.

  18. Петр Первый

    В короткой программе Алёна Косторная была просто бесподобна, шикарное скольжение, очень красивая программа, музыка, всё просто супер. Она была лучше, это нужно признать. Если бы был 3А, было бы ещё круче.

  19. they need to drop figure skating from the olympics. the judging is ridiculously biased and subjective.

  20. Kseniia was SO underscored – neither Anna nor Alena are much better than her (if at all). What a joke!

  21. anibalsagenev

    That guy Daniil 🤢

  22. anibalsagenev

    Alena deserved a higher score, she was literally glowing on the ice. She's definitely back (I take it she didn't want to take major risks, hopefully she's coming back with the 3A in the FS)

  23. Maria Mrozek

    Happy Birthday Zhenya 🐻🥰❤️🐻



  25. I wish these were scored more fairly.

  26. Ioseb Dzamukashvili

    Mark Harnetty! ❤️

  27. Aliona the best!!!

  28. Viktorija Maltzan

    Ксения заслужила больших оценок
    Тянут ,потянут
    За уши других,а они никак
    Не подстроятся
    То прыгать передумают ,то еще чего

  29. Елена Давидович

    Алена восхитительна!

  30. Tranquility Tranquility

    Alena was the star of the day in women’s event and the only lady to receive a standing ovation! You go girl!

  31. Володимир Тищенко

    Анечка ответственая и будет боротся только с Камилой

  32. So good to see Alena’s fun and gorgeous skating, Anna really showed her talent with a stunning amount of transitions. The commentator is fantastic, ISU please have this man for all events 🙏

  33. Короткая прграмма Анюты -это просто сказка..шикарная постановка..Анечка нежная..хрупкая..смотреть ее выступления одно удовольствие…Браво..буду за нее болеть..

  34. Гульшад Акимниязова

    Молодцы,девчата👍👍👍👍Аня ,ты прелесть💖💖💖💖💋💋💋

  35. Елена Ликонцева

    Катание Анечки идеально! Техника,артистизм, музыка и жесты,элементы и компоненты- все слилось в одном мимолетном перформенсе . Талантливая спортсменка талантливых наставников. Удачи вам!

  36. Очень рада за девочек из России! Спасибо за красоту танца исполнения на льду: Анна Щербакова, Алёна Косторная, Ксения Синицына- всем браво!

  37. Людмила Савостікова

    Алена зажгла,просто красотка!

  38. Аленка, Алена, Аленушка – браво!!! Просто фейерверк на льду!!! Красивая программа и великолепное исполнение!

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