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Contains some strong language. It’s International Women’s Day, so here’s a round up of some of the funniest women to grace the Live at the Apollo stage! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BBCComedyGreats

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  1. Lacy MacDougall

    The washing machine bit made me realize how poor I am lol. When I buy a washing machine I just hope that when I get it home it actually works and that the people I'm buying it from don't murder me.

  2. Female comedians are obsessed with sex and genitals. They basic

  3. I'm a firstborn that was created from the thought that the calendar method is a good contraceptive choice for an insanely fertile 20 yo.

  4. wow

    Women just aren't funny are they?

  5. Namugalu Iryn

    The only way I can run is when something terrible is chasing me. That's so me

  6. Jasmain Jasmain

    Apollo has changed

  7. So funny get it gal!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. shareaplaylist

    Omg Gina's mom standing up in the audience was gold 💛

  9. mike beasley

    I cant understand a damn thing they are saying.

  10. Moudhafer Salhi

    the lady making fun and wishing that her boyfriend dies(nuts alergie), wondering, what would be the reaction if a man made the same joke about his ex girlfriend

  11. Briana Midgett

    Wait… who uses oats to make flap Jack's eh?

  12. Love and hate isn't really opposites. Love and indiffrence is.

  13. I would often go for runs in the Peace Corps while I lived in a rural farming community in South America. Everyone thought that was REALLY weird. Some were even alarmed, thinking there's an emergency afoot.

  14. Rolly & Molly

    Anybody else just always skip straight through any of Katherin Ryan's? 😴😴😴

  15. AlexanderSimmons Rock

    What an accent parade 😆

  16. Lane Moennig

    Lisa and Roxy 😍😍

  17. Gina's mom. So precious definitely made me smile

  18. paul mitchell

    Plumbers are essential. Comics are not, and plumbers have better stories.

  19. Dwayne Fairman

    First born?? Hay you been looking around at the amount of first born in a single parent family 🤔

  20. Dwayne Fairman

    Well 20 and 10 in reality you were only legal for 12 🤔 and if you were in 4 relationships that's 4 years a relationship so your well going to have a want

  21. This is not really funny lol

  22. AntiSocial Pleb

    I didn't laugh once….

  23. Thatmexicanguy

    Women that make you go “let’s watch something else”

  24. Stating how I'm going to respond to a joke. Boy I'm going to enjoy this….

  25. 3:43 Seen on that show Taskmaster first time seen as stand-up

  26. Gorilla Gorilla da racialist

    Funny 😒

  27. mark chinguz

    Laughed more when I had food poisoning and felt like I was gonna die

  28. Kimberly Watso

    Neandreathals were allergic to peanuts lol

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