XDC, XRP, Ripple, Stellar, Algorand, Cardano ISO 2022 connections that will make you millions!

Hi Guys, welcome to the Crypto Jungle, your home for crypto news reviews and information on altcoins that may be under the radar for most.

In this episode I do a skim over ISO 2022 and discuss what it is why it is important and which cryptos are ISO 2022 compliant

Disclaimer: Nothing I say or do on this channel is financial advice do not buy or sell anything based on recommendations made here this is merely my own opinion I am not a financial advisor.
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  1. Oliver Blinda

    I pay with what i want and sometimes I don't pay at all 🤬

  2. Not ADA!!!

  3. Jimmy Dhillon

    No its not stellar symbol…thats the cosmos (atom) symbol

  4. When i looked up to see if Cardano was iso20022 it wasnt listed with the other coins?

  5. Is Zilliqa iso compliant??

  6. Wee Originals

    $XDC a hidden 💎 and going to be the leader in TradeFinance disruption

  7. Crypto Surfer

    me and u have been on the same path

  8. Emanuel Namseth

    ISO 20022. NOT ISO 2022. 🥱🥱

  9. 99% of crypto will die invest only in projects like iso 20022 !

  10. Watching this on a Blood Bath in the market on 6/22/21

  11. crypto Whale

    How is Ada iso20020 and why ?

  12. titoizdaman3

    You mean ISO 20022?

  13. Jason Colliver

    The royal coin collection 🥳

  14. This whole video! Clarity. Regulation. SUBSCRIBED! I own XRP, XDC & XLM.

  15. BRO luv the video! 💰💰💰

  16. #XRP will reign King


  17. It definitely won’t be decentralization pal

  18. Subbed 🙏😎

  19. George Karipidis

    Is Cardano officially ISO 20022 compliant?

  20. Shouldn't it be pronounced "ISO twenty thousand-twenty two"?

  21. YO that is crazy how news and majority of crypto people are focused on bitcoin and etherium….not really useful as these lowkey coins that they aren't shilling

  22. There will be no NWO. The timeline is secured

  23. The Alliance takes it all over using nesara gold silver backed currency

  24. Tony Solomon

    Excellent content 👌🏽👌🏽

  25. TheCatGoesWoof

    Cardano is ISO20022 compliant ?

  26. There is also Quant (Qnt). Seriously look at the 'quantum financial system xrp'. Talks about xrp being supported by gold. Also look at xrp Basel 3. Seriously hidden info

  27. Iota algorand xlm xrp

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