XRP Ripple BREAKING news today: SEC WANTS 60 DAY EXTENSION, Ripple Discovery Response+2 more updates

XRP Ripple BREAKING news today (6/2): SEC request for 60-day deadline extension, Ripple Response to Omnibus Discovery, Ripple & SEC joint motion to extend time to 6/9, Individual Defendants Motion for International Discovery

XRP Ripple news today:
► Ripple Response to Omnibus Discovery
► Ripple & SEC joint motion to extend time to 6/9
► SEC request for 60-day deadline extension
► Individual Defendants Motion for International Discovery

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Ripple Response to SEC Omnibus Discovery

Ripple and SEC file joint motion to extend time until June 9, 2021 to meet and confer regarding document redactions and sealing of certain exhibits

Filan Law: SEC has just requested that the Court extend the deadlines for both fact and expert discovery by sixty (60) days

Filan Law: Individual Defendants file Motion for International Discovery with Proposed Orders

00:00 Intro
00:47 Crypto Market Update
01:20 Ripple Response to Omnibus Discovery
07:29 Ripple & SEC joint motion to extend time to 6/9
08:06 SEC request for 60-day deadline extension
15:53 Individual Defendants Motion for International Discovery
21:26 Closing thoughts



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  1. I forget to mention in the video but the new "XRP" Men t-shirts are up on the merch shelf!

  2. SEC is a bunch of Axxholes whose only objective is to keep down RIpple/XRP

  3. Takes to long this American bullsh#t. Hee hello the world is waiting hurry up. Way to late. Be on time so you are not behind in crypto america even without america we can continue. We don't need america even if they think so

  4. The SEC just found out the lawyer who quit took all his notes with him. They need 60 days to regroup; Holy #%&× Batman, back to the Batcave Robin! 🥶🥴🥶

  5. It's time to call in Columbo; he'll quickly solve this bogus lawsuit. 🐸

  6. SEC brought the lawsuit, but the DOG ate their homework. "Please, you must believe us." 🦥

  7. Fusion Antibodies (FAB). The smallest tightly held biotech company is supplying antibodies to help make covid vaccines.   FAB is as cheap as it gets at just over its year low at £1.32 a share.

  8. We need to bring a class action lawsuit against the sec for allowing all the fake shares on us market.

  9. As of now, the SEC are acting as though they are a tv game show; they are frantically hiting the buzzer and when they do get their turn to answer the question use all the lifelines to see whichever sticks. The judge must have had enough by now

  10. At this point if i was the judge. I'd call the case and give ripple the win. How do they not have all the information the need for this case. They are the one's attacking ripple. Ripple has been around since 2013… they had plenty of time. They are unprofessional filling a law suit against a company and not even have a legit case against them. This is becoming a huge waste of the tax payers money. And it's embarrassing because now we know the SEC doesn't do they're job. So why even fund them so well. Defund those lazy turds.

  11. I think it’s all smoke and mirrors. The SEC is just playing it this way to increase Ripples want to settle in hopes they can get a better settlement. It’s all a game!!

  12. The SEC cannot negotiate with an empty gun chamber because they’ve got nothing. Once the get just one little hook, they with then negotiate otherwise they’ve got no leverage over Ripple.

  13. I don’t appreciate the SEC spending my tax money for another 60 days. Screw them.

  14. "Protecting Investors" is an ambiguous narrative. They're really just talking about themselves and doing whatever they can to gain more control at the expense of everyone else. Why would they care when it's taxpayer money being wasted to begin with.

  15. Suddenly they are not so confident they can pull of a win here.
    WTF have you been doing for the last 2 1/2 years?
    So like. The SEC is supposed to be protecting American XRP holders and traders right? GOOD JOB. Thanks for making my exchange halt trading and thanks for locking up years of savings then making us scrambling to find a US exchange trading XRP. FYI. My savings came from military paychecks and two deployments one of which I used to get a foothold in the market.
    Not feeling very protected from I guess myself? You know what to do with my money better than I do? NOBODY ON OUR SIDE OF THE FENCE SAW XRP AS A SECURITY when acquiring our first token. 99% of us have treated XRP the same as BTC and ETH.
    Thanks for looking out for us. Freakin tools……

  16. At this point Ripple should move its headquarters out of the United States, our government is incredibly hostile to innovation, and even more hostile to the retail investors.

  17. The judge will grant it. Xrp will stay as it is for God knows how long. Maybe EOY they will move on to the next step smdh

  18. Seems like banks directing SEC to drag this out as long as possible so they can launch a alternative version of xrp before it moons.