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Nepal’s first motorcycle company have officially launched it’s first bike which is fully electric called Project 0 in Nepali Market. Along with this bike the other bike Project 1 is also launched on the very same day. It’s so proud moment for we Nepalese that something big is being made in our own country.

Looking at the bike exterior, the design of the bike is phenomenal. It comes with carbon fiber body which makes it light at the same time it makes the bike stronger. For the system information and to look what’s going on in the bike, there’s a 7 inch full HD Display Console. Moreover there’s Yatri Hub which is Yatri’s own software system to make sure timely updates is given to bike. This bike also comes with 4G connection and also Anti Theft GPS which helps to navigate current location of the bike.

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It can produce 46Kw/64hp power and 120 Nm of Torque at shaft and 650 Nm of Torque at wheel. So the peak torque of this bike comes out to be 650Nm. It also has LED lights, 175mm ground clearance and other features are given in video so look at it 🙂

In this video I have included things like Comparison of Yatri and American Electric SuperBike Zero SR/F, things that YATRI need to do to make it huge success in NEPAL and many more.

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  1. यात्री अब यात्री मोटरसाइकल रहेन सबैको सपनाको राजकुमारी बनेर रहने भयो

  2. Bro yo bike normal use ko lagi nai thik xa xaen na safety ko lagi leg gard na double passenger seat ani price tw jan car jati ko

  3. 1st ma government le tax low garnu parx balla sabai le afford garna sakx.k dhani bada le matra prayog ma lyauna paune ho ra entire mankind ko lagi heet hune price huna jaruri dekhxu ma.salute yatri.

  4. Nepali ko situation herera nikaleko bike ta pakkai hoina 19 lakh ma 5 percent le ni afford garna sakdaina hola kei na kei ta socheko holani yatri hahahhahaa

  5. Yatris riding position ma work garnu paryo spinal cord ma effect Huncha later riders lai coz of flat ride and wrong body posture

  6. Project zero fx sanga compare garana ! Srf ko feature kk cha ramari detail ma khojana bro!

  7. Nepal ma khana pani dhau dhau cha muji 19 lakh ko bike banayera huncha bagwas

  8. Haina Nepali chutiya kina hunxa k mula bike sasto hunu parthiyo khate haru bike ko rate le car nai aauxa bhaag

  9. Pahila bahira beechan ani mass production hunxa ani matra nepali le keenchan

  10. Yatri ko Ali first look chahi Ali impressions vayena…so pls upgrade …it

  11. मेरो देश को प्रोडक्टको माया छ तर नेपालीले किन्न सक्ने बनाउन अनुरोध ……..!!

  12. 👍 prices last vayo. Shavai lai huni gari make bro. Small bike 🏍 also plz

  13. मनमा लागेको कुरा राख्नु मो ब्रो p0 लाई 8/10 लाखको गेसमा बसेको म पनि अलि धेरै भयो सो अागामाी दिनहरुमा अलि सस्तोमा अाउला जे भए पनि यो मन त मेरो नेपाली हो शुभकामना यात्री टिमलाई 💐💐💐💐

  14. यात्री bike 3 ,4 घन्टासम्म लगातार चलाएभने ढाड सिधाहुने छैन दुखेर 😂😂😂