YES!! $1400 Third Stimulus Check Update & Daily News Report [+$600 CHECKS]

This is your stimulus package, stimulus check, and related news updates for Friday, February 19th. Did you know that aside from the checks, the child tax credits, and other benefits, President Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package would also extend its reach in order to cover health care expansion? Reports are calling this bill, “Obamacare expansion bill”… They’re also doing their best to find ways to get struggling Americans back on their feet, as well as to get the country back to pre-pandemic employment levels, all with the help of stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, and other assistance for individuals, families, businesses, schools, homeowners, renters一you name it. So, the $1.9 trillion stimulus package seems to really be loaded with necessary relief. Now, the administration is finding more ways to up the pressure on Republicans to get on board with the costly COVID stimulus proposal.

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$3,300 Arizona for Mortgage | Rent assistance + Electric and Gas

$500 Minnesota Stimulus Checks

$8,000 in assistance for rent Delaware residents

Florida Residents $1,000

$1200 to Washington D.C. Residents

Texas Assistance $1,200 + $1,900 in payments

Connecticut residents $300 per week ($1,800) MORE Unemployment Benefits

$375 Colorado Stimulus Checks

$600 Rhode Island Residents

$2,000 Stimulus Checks for DEPENDENTS – TRUMP DEMANDS

NEW $1200-$2400 WHITE HOUSE Stimulus Checks!!

OHIO Rental Assistance


$1,400 direct payments;
A $400 per week jobless benefit through September;
$350 billion in state, local and tribal government relief;
A $20 billion national Covid vaccination program;
$50 billion for virus testing;
$170 billion for K-12 schools and higher education institutions; and
A $30 billion rent and utility assistance fund.

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  1. Leticia Estrada

    Your the best ever Ron to the Fullest ❤️🙏

  2. wait let me get this right you said nothing when republican's tried to help us and the dems turned it down but you want to say something when the shoes is on the other foot i no it dont matter wee need help but come on man make up your mind just my 2 cent no pun intended

  3. Would still like to know if people on limited income will see a monthly increase. Or if it was just talk

  4. How come I cant access the mattter channel on you tube

  5. Sheila Minter

    Obama care is a way to rip off people's income tax refunds if they can't afford it

  6. Ronald Johnson


  7. Robert Gibson

    Believe it when I get it in my account

  8. Sandi Cooley

    Now we need more money. Because of what where going through because of the storms. 5000.00$ is a start

  9. Beckie Romines

    How many of us have to loose their homes which we have been on paying for for 30 years. Dont qualify for any help because I own land.the people on welfare get more benefits. Gov needs to do something NOW.

  10. We need the money for bill

  11. Eddie Thomas

    We need the money we lost.


  13. Camala Mcleish

    This from Friday ?? today is Saturday

  14. Doug Schwandt

    Oh, boy! Another round of NObama Care. I can hardly wait… 🙁 Nothing is too good for the American people, and that's what we get. NOTHING.

  15. Elizabeth Hoehne

    I've been off work since lock down last year I can't file unemployment bc I'd loose my SSI &my daughter loose her"s I really miss my extra 800$,month that really help out this low income family..

  16. Elizabeth Hoehne

    We really need help but our country is broke I think why we're not getting help

  17. Mildred Kelly

    Hey Ron Let's keep the people that's have no lights Food or Shelter Amen

  18. Hello Ron just wanted to say again truly appreciate all the hard work you put into what you do, you're true to your heart when you say you're out there for us and gathering all this information in which you are and you show it you're a hard-working person and I appreciate all that hard work. you're the only person I listen to on here everybody else they're gone you're my man and going to continue being the man to listen to can through all this coronavirus. But like I said from the get-go I leave it in God's hands I don't listen to the TV I listen to you when is the Lord's time is ready he will see to it that we receive this money so until then all I do is sit back and wait on the Lord and listen to you. God bless you and your family and keep you all well and safe my heart goes out to you for all the trouble you go through for all of us God bless you. 😘👍👌💖🙏🙏🙏

  19. Got to love how people who don't know how to use birth control get
    rewarded , while people who practice safe sex get the shaft. In a world
    where over population is such a huge problem that the NWO is really
    pushing their agenda that makes no sense. I'm in support of every one
    getting a flat rate regardless of how many dependents they CLAIM to
    have. Also paying out more money in unemployment than people make on
    their jobs is a great way to get people to go back to work (not). Remove
    all this waste and stop sending money to other countries and maybe the
    dollar would be worth more than a few cents!


    So I live in Atlanta GA so basically 3 more unployment payments and a whole month process here in Atlanta so in April hopefully unemployment payments will pushed out. Wow 👏😮

  21. Anti American racist Democrats aren't interested in helping Americans in need. They only care about social engineering and buying our votes.

  22. Sheree Timmons

    When did they say when Maryland is sending out thiers?

  23. Bondinia Brown

    What about unemployment benefits the Pua

  24. Dianne Cheeks

    All state's need to do that

  25. Dianne Cheeks

    Put there heads together and help the people

  26. Senobbia Hockaday-Tucker

    Are we good to get them ron.i love you talk it me no what happens out hope that god no.we that money right

  27. Tammy Hultquist

    Obama Care was a Travesty!!!

  28. Sandy grisham

    Love your show

  29. Dianne Cheeks

    Or today

  30. Dianne Cheeks

    Give us check each month

  31. Dianne Cheeks

    It's not Mississippi

  32. Gwenvere Modica

    Good Morning

  33. Hummm.. great news everyday but never see nth 🤦‍♀️

  34. shirley washington

    Hey Ron Good Morning

  35. Karen Reiter

    I hope this passes thru everyone on the first time. All American's need this help right away. Thank you Ron for this info.

  36. Lillie Richardson

    Thanks for information . Have a great day.

  37. What do you think about Bitcom?

  38. Thanks Ron for your updates

  39. Will there be back pay on unemployment retro

  40. Sidney Wasington

    Good Evening Ron

  41. Yesterday yes

  42. Sandy Jolley

    Will you give me how to invest again?

  43. Margaret Davis

    They just need to send the check and be done with it. Instead of talking about it.

  44. Thank you for your regular updates! You mentioned assistance for home owners… I’m having a hard time finding anything… my mortgage company just offers to hold the payments for 3 months and keep accruing interest… is there something I’m missing?

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